Just another day at the office “banana sex by tree”

Came to the office today expecting it to be the usual. The usual boring work i have to do. The usual boring people who are my office mates. although on occasion, the sight of one of them sleeping for most of the work hours, and the other playing games or watching tela novelas really crack me up.
After all it is supposedly an “advertising” company. Those two,no doubt can have a sitcom, and the rest of the office the supporting cast.
So around hmmm.. lets say 4pm.. I was just finishing a design up. only about the 23rd design or so. My boss in her own right is a character too. ” you don’t get what I want”. and her secretary trying to help me out ” at this point she doesn’t know what she wants, so just keep making designs. quantity over quality.” Again, this is an “advertising” company after all. So right about the time I got done, Ali ( not his real name of course.) walks and in a loud voice asks Manny (also not his name.hehe)” this banana sex by tree?” Ali asks in a loud voice.

“which one?” manny replies, apparently he has no clue what ali is talking about.

and at this point, im thinking, did i just hear that right? coz I wouldn’t know what ali would be talking about either. although, banana sex by tree… hmmm.. tree..bananas come from trees… so if banana sex by tree… incest??.
I did my best to hide my face. which by now is screaming to let out a laugh.

THIS banana sex by tree???” Ali pointing to a paper he was holding.

” ah, yes yes. sex by tree, sexy by tree this one” manny replies.

so after getting over the fact that they kept saying it that way. seriously, sex by tree. and apparently they were discussing this banana that was sex by tree. or more of arguing about it.

I knew it was an accent thing. the pronunciation and all. Ali being of middle eastern origin. and Manny, of course being a pinoy. and if u don’t get it yet. since this is an “advertising” company. what Ali was saying, was ” this banner six by three?”.

but still even though i knew what he really meant. i just couldn’t help it. really that was the only highlight today at the office. and u don’t get many of those where i work at.heheh. so i take it whenever i get it. heheh.

i thought for certain that manny would have at least said six instead of sex. but it turns out. they understood each other well.

so i guess, my day at the office wasnt all that bad. thanks to Ali and Manny.hehehe.

oh thru out this whole time, lets call him, Boy. Boy was smacking his computer. literally smacking it upside the cpu.lol. and cursn at the same time.

“taena naman toh! ba’t ayaw gumana, cra nlang lagi! putang ina!” Boy says with conviction.

i dunno kuya boy. maybe if u stop smacking it and just gently push the on button. but its ok. way to go! thats what u call. thinking outside the box! we are after all in …. an “advertising” company.

read em and weep!

written by: EMS 🙂

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