Hot to breeze to chill : Atlanta Georgia (part two)

From Saudi Arabia  to Atlanta , Georgia , a distinct contrast from hot to breeze, I came 8:30 in the evening, shops close at nine so I hurried up to check if I can find a decent top to wear the following morning. I decided to wear a white top with my black blazer and jeans and my strappy flat open toe sandals, as i mentioned earlier, things happens, you just have to be comfortable with whatever you wear and have some poised and you will be fine.

open toe sandal- i always travel in flat comfortable foot wear

The first thing I noticed in Atlanta are the people, largely African-Americans, but don’t get me wrong, they are very polite and well-mannered. From the taxi driver to the hotel people and to the professionals, they are respectful and polite. In contrast to the taxi driver of Jeddah and to the other people i have met along the way, sometimes they just don’t know how to be nice in some ways.

I came to Atlanta for an advance Aesthetic training in Botox and Filler which i already discussed on my earlier blog.

So , let’s go on with my escapades in Atlanta, It has a reputation as a ” city in a forest” indeed! a lot of  trees around, the environment is so green and a lot of high-rise buildings too.Every corner has a touch of arts and crafts, museum and garden.

bank of america plaza

The tallest building is Atlanta’s Bank of America Plaza (55 story; rank as 42nd tallest building in the world).

I only have a half day to tour around and then travel to another state for another dental meeting, so I brave the rain showers that never stop since the day I came.

coca cola samples from different countries

I was able to see the World of coca-cola museum, taste the different coca cola of the world, around 6o of them, so when i came out I got a bloated tummy and ready to fart  ha ha ha .

world of coca cola

I wonder why Philippines doesn’t have its own coca cola drink?

The Worlds’ largest indoor Aquarium with 8 millions gallons of  fresh and marine water ,of course a lot more to see, I remember my kids (now, they are taller and bigger than us) the big eyes , the smile and excitement in their faces is more than what we can ask for.

It’s Monday but still the aquarium was full of tourist and students on tour.I walk through the Centennial Olympic park to have a glimpse of  Turner CNN building. Unfortunately , i was not able to see the botanical garden of Atlanta

which is close every Monday.

And of course, as ladies always do …Shopping! Atlanta has the biggest outlet of

signature clothes, I was able to visit..take note only visit as in window shopping… 🙂

Lenox square, a luxury retails of Calvin Klein, Zara,Hermes etc. My wish and your wish..let me guess..are all the same. cheers!

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