Sleepless in Seattle has been retold otherwise


“Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental” from 1993 movie – Sleepless in Seattle.

From Jeddah to London to Seattle is 17.5 hrs. flight. It is my first time in Seattle, as usual before I travel, I did some research about where are the best places to go, hence I’ll be coming to attend an annual conference of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) my time is a bit constraint. Really? ??

Nope! For those who knew me, you can’t keep me from roaming around and taking photographs. So here’s my bucket list (before touch down) Of course, I expected that “Sam”will be there with a yellow tulips in his hand, with an open arms and wide smile on his lips, waiting patiently , Ohh “Annie” I miss you so much!,,, Dream on! 🙂

Seattle has music history of each own so Jazz club is on my list, Symphony orchestra and Paramount theater, yes! I heard New Jersey boys are performing. What about a dinner in Revolving restaurant on top of the Space needle instead of Empire state building where “Sam and Annie ” met. I love “sunset”what about a dinner cruise with a little of dancing.Or just an afternoon stroll along Kubota Garden.Oh no! what about the Tulip festival? Let’s twist (for lack of a better word) the story of Sam and Annie.

There was no Sam, no flower and definitely no cab waiting, She was alone, checking in at Sheraton Hotel, the afternoon was breezy, decided to stroll downtown and the first destination was Public Market, romantic isn’t it?

seattle-12aPike Place fish market where fishmongers throw fish and visitors had fun! It would be more fun if Annie kissed the fish and  wallah!  prince charming “Sam” appeared with a bouquet of tulips in his hand. Well. Sam was nowhere near, but  there was music everywhere and there is even the fat pig looking at you, inviting to save some pennies for the sake of community market. Obviously,along the area was a lined up of seafood restaurant, forget the revolving restaurant in the bucket list…, this is real! Cracking the crabs with a wooden hammer, scooping the meat out and dipping it to a lemon sauce, hmmmm yummmy! And suddenly Sam hands, swell in red whoa!, allergy?? there goes Annie’s seafood cravings..:-)

Moving on…Prince Sam has no intention of being romantic, they continued to stroll, explore the places and alas! decided to go on cruise on broad daylight, what’s in the list?? sunset cruise with dinner and dance,hahahaha you’re not lucky Annie. He is  not in his sweet mood!

The cruise connects the salt water of Puget sound and the fresh water of Lake union. Would Annie brings freshness to the salty life of Sam?

Let’s try one more time to be romantic.. yey! Hope in to Seattle monorail to an elevated glide to downtown Seattle,Chihuly garden and glass art  work… to a  spectacular 360 degree view of Puget sound from space needle, and finally lunch at the skycity revolving restaurant, having buttered fresh salmon on the plate and the famous Lunar orbiter dessert…hurray at last  one of Annie’s bucket list is on!

Well, I guess Sam wakes up finally, took Annie to Music Experimental Project where live band plays to the tune of 80’s but Annie was just a fresh maiden who can dance the night away took Sam by surprise and poor guy, a few steps on the right and left, a little of back and sides steps, hands up and down and finally the night is over.

And so the story is short leaving the reader to make a conclusion of their own just like how the movie ends in “Sleepless Seattle”.

” Choice not chance defines your destiny “

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