Meeting Gagan – 65 West 55th Street: A novel

At age 53, I like to read autobiography of famous people who in their search for success has been an inspiration to many including myself. I was not into non-fiction or love story.

65 West 55th Street by: Gagan Suri
65 West 55th Street
by: Gagan Suri

Until one day, I have a new patient named Gagan Suri, after few sessions of dental treatment, during those times that we were waiting for his x-ray results, he mentioned about a book “65 West 55th Street”in which he himself authored it. I was baffled, an international investment banker have written a book?

I asked, Whats the story about? banking and finance?

Oh! a story of two people, an Indian and Pakistani who in spite of their differences managed to be together.

a LOVE story? (i wonder!)

He chuckled with his boyish smile, I’ll send you the book, read and let me know what you think of it.

Is it your story? ( I am now puzzled and interested) His reply was just a smile!

Friday is my off day at work and every morning, my friends and I used to go walking along the sea side for an hour or two depending on how hot the weather is… but this Friday is different, I am in bed, reading the book and I can’t just put it down. My friends kept calling and I told them: Sorry guys, I am just starting and will not get up until i finish reading. What book is that anyway, that you find it more important than us? my best friend shouted on line. Ok, don’t be grumpy! I’ll pass it on to you when I’m done with it, bye!

Message from the author:

“Love goes beyond boundaries. To those who go against convention and dare to love someone of a different religion, culture or country, believe in yourself, and stay firm in your belief. All forces against you will gradually wither away, and what will remain is true love.”

Indeed! A beautiful and absorbing story of love, faith and belief, simply written with compelling emotions that I found myself in love, laughing and crying , every moment I continued reading each chapter. The spontaneity of the characters, strength and weaknesses were clearly felt and I was moved by their love to each other, with every struggles, family interventions, medical conditions, religion differences, they stood together, using their weaknesses as a strength to move forward.

Message from me:

Congratulations Gagan! This book is beyond what “Karan and Zeina” had to endured, thank you for sharing, it is always easy to fall in love but to keep it forever is hard. The journey continues and I do hope love will always prevail.

Gagan Suri, the author and Me
Gagan Suri, the author
and Me

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