My thoughts at 53: grumpy tummy yay!

I will stand firm, look strong, no matter how weak i am inside
I will stand firm, look strong, no matter how weak i am inside

It’s been two days that i wasn’t feeling good (grumpy tummy!) but I have to go to work to relieve’s one’s tooth ache, to repair broken crowns etc… it so ironic to take care of others suffering and forgets your own!

My best friend had just arrived and will stay for a short holiday, so I met her for lunch…Oh, how I wish to stay more and reminisce the good old-time but my tummy was growling.. can’t really concentrate!

Ramadan had just started, it’s a month of fasting and yet every restaurant  big or small are fully decorated and has buffet of each own, special offer to those who wants to celebrate the “futur” (breaking the fast as in breakfast 🙂 ) in style! Hmm how can I ? grumpy tummy 🙁

So, I stayed home, went to bed, literally crawling in pain… the four corner of the room seems eight to my eyes, holding my tummy in fetal position, i don’t know for how long I have been in that position, I guess I passed out!

When I woke up, It was already midnight, the pain was bearable and I got the four corners right! Oh well, I’m fifty-three (53) visions fades and wrinkles comes in! Seriously, being alone is not easy but no complains, life goes on,I am glad that I am still breathing and kicking! 🙂

Alright grumpy tummy, what shall I do to you?  A cup of green tea? 

I tried all the remedy but to no avail, neither grumpy tummy nor Mr. sleep cooperated so I took my pencils started to draw a woman, took my  brushes and used my coffee as my medium for painting.

“A woman is like a tea bag, you will never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water ” – Eleanor Roosevelt

So, grumpy tummy here are my thoughts for the day!

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