Ramadan: Iftar Buffet at Red Sea Grill resto

Ramadan is almost over and I haven’t invited my staff yet to an Iftar (sunset meal), so yesterday we went to Red Sea Grill (seafood restaurant) at thalia st.

We came early to find a good place unfortunately all tables are too small for a party of six, anyhow this is the nearest place to our clinic so we decided to stay.

Taking my camera out..getting ready to take the pictures of the food available on buffet table, took few shots when the supervisor told me, I can’t take anymore, Alright I forgot this is Jeddah! Everyone has camera but you have no freedom to take pictures anytime specially in public.

Oh well, let’s just review the event:

Ambience: fair enough, clean but small. the outside decor is refreshing than the inside

Cost: SR 90 per person

Food and beverages: All drinks (soda,juice,tea and coffee) included. The foods are alright but it didn’t conform to its name GRILL SEAFOOD. Surprisingly all menu were sautee or fried.

Salad and sweets : reasonable but not of my standard. I don’t find it satisfying by eyes or my taste.

Staff: neat and friendly

My rate?? hmmm not impressed, I don’t like fatty foods, I prefer Grilled (main reason why I came) but I didn’t find any.

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