Bab al yemen – eat or else…


How true is this? I have no idea… We went to a restaurant called “Bab al Yemen” (gateway to Yemen) at Al Zahra district.From the outside building to the interior, it seems the authenticity is ethnic, though I haven’t been  to Yemen 🙂 , I presumed it is presented as it is.

The interior is decorated with miniature Yemen houses, traditional utensils and wood doors.

We ordered Malawah bread, a Yemeni flat bread, sprinkled with cumin seeds, hot and freshly out from tandoori oven. We also tried plain and with cheese, which are both equally crispy and delicious!

We asked what specialty or the most popular menu on the list, the smiling waiter suggested to order” Salta” a meat stew in tomato sauce prepared and serve in a black stone pot made from mountain soil. But I am not meat eater so as my friends, so we opted for okra,chicken,potatoes and shrimps.

Previously, we also tried some Yemeni dishes in Thalia mall, also serve in hot stone, tuna and liver maghash.

ladies, you see how exciting to be beyond fifty, we took the risk and survived being shoot over the head.. so get in before it’s too late ….just kidding 🙂


Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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