Home baked Cheesecake Challenge:Flavour # 43 Cheesecake with Quince Compote

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Home baked Cheesecake Challenge : Flavour no. 43 – Quince Cheesecake

Flavour no. 43 Quince Cheesecake
Flavour no. 43 Quince Cheesecake

Having  once a week off from work, my friends and I always walk along Jeddah corniche to de-stress and have breakfast together. While we were eating, I asked them to help me with my Cheesecake Challenge.

My lebanese friend said, why not try al safarjal?

What? What is al safarjal? so we asked our good friend goggle and bingo! we got the name QUINCE!

Quince – Al safarjal in arabic, is hard yellow fruit which is similar to a pear in shape.

Quince - al safarjal
Quince – al safarjal

Fantastic taste but let me warn you, it’s so hard ,be careful when you cut it! he chuckled .. as if teasing me for the challenge 🙂

15.95 SR per kilo
15.95 SR per kilo

Challenge, accepted, I went to Danube Supermarket and I tried to squeeze it with my hand 🙂 as if I gonna find a soft one! hoping… but no luck. Even my knife was not that sharp! I confess, I don’t know how to sharpen my knife hahaha!

2014-09-17 at 02-37-42


Quince Compote for cheesecake topping

3 quinces fruit

1 cup white sugar

2 cups water ( i added one cup more after boiling)

1/3 cup lemon zest

1 tbsp rose-water


2014-09-17 at 02-52-35

Cut the quince into wedges or any shape you like, add 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water, leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

When ready to cook, add the remaining water,sugar,lemon zest, and bring it to boil. Add another water and rose-water, reduce the heat and continue boiling until the colour change to reddish-brown.

it took about 2 hrs to make it soft and jelly
it took about 2 hrs to make it soft and jelly


Success!! 😉 I was so excited to taste it hahaha by the way I don’t think you can eat the Quince raw, It taste tangy, kind of sweet and sour too! but once it is compote, so deliciously sweet and the sourness was a surprise to my palate.

I love Quince compote
I love Quince compote

Where is the cheesecake?

Well, I won’t tell a lie, I took the left over cheesecake, shape it into a mini cheesecake and top it with quince compote…and the next is history..I ate the quince compote with a spoon of Philadelphia cream cheese on my right and cheesecake on the left, my morning just turned right!

calories…calories..who cares? 😉



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