Late post at 55


I know, my birthday was last week and I just turned fifty-five.. so this is the start of a life that’s full of excitement or forgetfulness ? hahaha well, I didn’t forget to post this but I got caught up with a busy schedule and celebrations!

It was a wonderful feeling to have friends who insisted to celebrate my bday (take note..I didn’t spend any halala) and it didn’t end up with one celebration but three! I’m a lucky lady!

First, joy-riding Jeddah ;-0 huh! touristic celebration ..we ended up having a drink and pizza at marina.The breezy night and the ambience made the feeling more wonderful.

nope, i didn't ride in  ;-)
nope, I didn’t ride in 😉

2nd celebration – Friday barbecue courtesy of my friends once again. Without a family on my side, so happy to have my friends around. Thank you Lord!

2014-10-24 at 17-50-23

Psst… no pictures got uploaded at their own request hehehe everyone was working to the max! No time to do make up for photo shoot 😉 So here’s some of the food we ready on my bday (2nd day)

3rd celebration: at work, with my consultant and staffs. Of course I baked my cheesecake 🙂

basbousa cheesecake
basbousa cheesecake
basbousa with cream cheese
basbousa with cream cheese

a simple celebration at work with beautiful people who I work with for many years. what a day!

2014-10-27 at 11-16-18

and my bff came in the morning too!

2014-10-27 at 10-21-47

followed by my most charming and beautiful FA friend. Thank you for the baked mac!! yummy 😉


and lastly, the night ended with more beautiful people inside -out..You all made my bday complete!!! Thank you so much!



” One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood ”

– Lucius Annaues Seneca

Thank you so much my friends.

and at midnight receiving a call from my sons and read this message:

Thanks for everything. Thanks for being a great parent no matter how rebellious i become. I like to believe that your level of understanding is better than anyone. Your wisdom matches no other. Even my own. My “smart know it all” version. You have carried kuya and i’s dreams so far. I just wanted to let you know on this special day that. Youve known that i always hated the idea of looking up to someone. But i would like to let u know that you have set the example so high there is no one else other than you to look up to. I was never great at getting gifts for you so yea.
Thanks for all the love and support. Even on your birthday i can only remember all the great gifts you have given me.
I know i don’t show it much but thanks for being a great parent/friend. I hope all the people you have cared for through these years have given you one amazing day.
Happy birthday and much love to you.—–

You bet..welling up till much happiness and blessings. Thank you Lord.



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