My Oahu Escapades – Nu’uanu Pali Lookout (Part 1/5)

My Oahu Escapades started at Downtown Honolulu, a walking tour from Kinau St. to a glimpse of road to Queens Medical Centre , State Capitol building ,Lolani palace, Hawaiian Mission Houses ,Hotel St. , Art Museum to Al Moana Blvd. And before the sun goes down, we drove to Waikalani drive to Pali point, a breathtaking view of Oahu’s Windward coast.

Lolani Palace
Lolani Palace-the former residence of the Hawaiian monarchs (1882-1893)
Hawaii Mission House
Hawaiian Mission House, includes three restored houses, two of which are the oldest houses in Hawaii
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During World war II, it was told that women coming from the mainland were working in Hotel St, a block of brothels that charged 3 dollars for three minutes.
Honolulu Museum of Arts
Honolulu Museum of Arts
al moana blvd
ala moana blvd
absolutely beautiful!
absolutely beautiful!

And of course, I won’t leave Waikalani without taking photos of flowers along the road πŸ™‚

The drive to Pali point was as exciting as the sceneries and the wind, oh my! It was windy and cold but I love every minute of it. After all, Pali point is known for strong and howling wind!

2015-09-30 at 06-27-51

2015-09-30 at 06-23-52

2015-09-30 at 06-23-42

2015-09-30 at 06-22-20

2015-09-30 at 06-22-11

2015-09-30 at 06-22-06


remains of the pali road
remains of the old Pali road

2015-09-30 at 06-31-39 (1)

2015-09-30 at 06-45-20
Mokolii – a pointy island, the locals call.. Chinaman’s Hat

2015-09-30 at 06-38-26

and more flowers along the sides πŸ™‚

2015-09-30 at 06-57-58

I took this photo to show how the grasses swayed along the gust of wind. really? hmm it doesn’t look like it πŸ™‚

Ladies, to enjoy the scenery comfortably, bring along some heavy shirts to protect yourself from the cold wind, there’s no entry fee but a $3 Β for car park is a must.




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