Thank YOU!

For the past weeks since I came back from Dubai, I got so busy and was not able to update or is it a case of bloggers block? Hmm or an indication that my life is so stable at the moment 🙂

But today is different… I am inspired!



So blessed

And thankful!

My eldest son Edge the photographer is graduating with honor hurrah! He is a graduate of BS in Multi media At APC, Philippines with specialty in Photography at Santa Monica College USA.

I know you thank me many times for giving you another chance to pursue your dream but I also would like to thank YOU !

Thank you for being so resilient in all the difficulties we’ve been through. I was a young mother when I have you. You were so tiny but you gave me the “big” push and an inspiration to continue to tackle every mishap, difficulties in our life. You were only a  month old when I took my dental board exam. And you just turned a year older when I left you at the care of your grandparents. I took you back when you were six years old and barely four months in Jeddah, a school bus conductor left you all alone, wandering in the streets all by yourself and thanks God, you are so smart to find your way back home with a help from a good samaritan.I was so angry, frustrated, crying, hysterical to every person I met at the Philippines school in Jeddah and even I went to the consul and if I didn’t find you I will go to the King and beg to mobilise the whole Jeddah just to find you!

I love you sweetheart!

I know you are a very private person and like your younger brother Kevin the Chef, drama in life is a big NO! I better make this short before I heard the word ” mom ” 🙂

Thank you for being a loving son, loving big brother and I am so proud of what you have become, a very responsible and gentlemen, I know you will be the best husband and father you would like to be! and of course the best photographer ! I pray for your good health and more power to succeed! God bless.

Best of all, thank you for being my confidante and friend. Through the years of ups and down, you never failed to amazed me of your strength and your resiliency. Together we have learned lessons in life, together we made our flaws perfect for our love, together we have crossed bridges and together with your brother we made our imperfections perfect for each other.

I also would like to give a BIG Thanks  to my parents, who is so generous, loving and caring, thank you for the inspirations and strength. Job well done!

” Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome”

Thank you Lord.





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