10 days in Lebanon (day 4) Nabatieh Beaufort Castle

June 15, 2018 Nabatieh

It’s the first day of Eid, we thought that tour buses were not operating but to our surprise it did! So off we went 🙂 we did not waste time, didn’t we?


We woke up at 5:30 in the morning, excited to go on our first trip, we were told if were on the bus at 7 am, we would have the first seat for us, the view would be beautiful than seating at the back, but the bus driver said otherwise. He preferred that we sit at the second row to pass the border checkpoint easily. The tour guide doesn’t speak english well, but I have a very good interpreter Nabil, my friend 🙂 who did a good job! I think he was historian of the past!


We passed Saida and I got a quick shot of 13th century fortress built by crusaders – Sidon sea castle. We had breakfast along the shore, I forgot the name of the restaurant because I remembered the sweet smell of Kanafeh and could not resist not to eat it.

kanafeh grilled cheese sandwich

Nabatieh is the city of the Nabatieh Governorate, in southern Lebanon.


Bellfort or Beaufort Castle known to arab travelers as Sheqif Arnon. located about 1 kilometer to the south-south-east village of Arnoun. “High rock of Arnon”






The castle strategic location got a good view of the southern Lebanon and Israel. The walls were all thick and there were small windows which probably used by sniper. There was also like a basement which my friend think used for prisoners. It was dark and scary to walk through.








After the Beaufort castle we proceeded to the Palestinian border, along the way we saw graffiti walls which tell stories of people and the conflict that was and still going.We can actually see the houses on the other border.

After wondering at the beautiful scenery, we have reached our lunch destination. Who would have thought that at the oasis (alwazzani river) Hosn Al Wazzani resort can be found against the backdrop of barb wire and enemy troops? You can actually see the peacekeeping troops on the top of the border.





The sumptuous lunch ended with a dance. what a nice way to end the day.

Nice tour, nice people, nice lunch and nice dance too 🙂



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