10 days in Lebanon (day 6) From Saint Charbel church to Baatara Gorge Waterfall and Douma

June 17, 2018 Saint Charbel church


Before going to our final destination of the day, we passed by St charbel Church, located at the outskirt of the town Jezzine. A lot of people came to attend the Sunday mass. We also saw a group of Filipinos, who were on tour. St Maroun Monastery is also St Charbel Sanctuary. One thing that I noticed was the oil of healing. I was told, if you blessed the oil, it can heal your pain.But I guess, it comes with the faith too. There were a lot of souvenirs on sale as well as goods like cheese, yogurt which is locally produced. One particular harvest that took my attention were the torpedo onions


locally produced Torpedo onions – an Italian variety dry onion with sweet taste used in salad

June 17, 2018 Baatara Gorge Waterfall


Balou’ Bala’a or Baatara gorge waterfall is located 76 km from Beirut. It is also known as “Cave of Three Bridges” though I was not able to really get into the 3rd bridge (fear of heights) this is an amazing hike not to mention my attire 🙂 I know I should have research the place so I can dressed appropriately.


The photo doesn’t show much the steepness of the cliff and the ruggedness of the rocks but I was braved to try, at least on the first level 🙂 The water that flows was not that enormous, I guess there was no rainfall on June.



photo taken from the poster

Activities include walking to the monkey bridge, climbing, tyrolienne, hiking, abseiling and camping. Did we do all of that? Nope! no time 🙂





Lunch at Douma Village, this is our 3rd day of Barbecue, wow! 3 consecutive days, I am not complaining but my tummy says otherwise 🙂 After lunch as usual, people were dancing and of course there’s a belly dancer too! Then we went roaming around the old market.


Tired but happy to be on tour with this couple.



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