Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Oh! thanks goodness! I have plenty of photos of my sons, being away from them is hard let alone in this country but I will survive and will always be!

my everdearest sons lovely smile
my ever dearest sons
lovely smile
Edge and thea what a beautiful set of teeth and heartwarming smile
Edge and thea
what a beautiful set of teeth and heartwarming smile

note: above photo was taken from Facebook wall of Edge Suarez (with permission) ūüôā


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Weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

” A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away” – Eudora Welty¬†

Since i started blogging and have a camera of my own, these are the places I have been to.. From Philippines to Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Atlanta,Boston,Seattle and to Switzerland.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

While visiting Pike Public Market in Seattle, I saw an old lady teaching her daughter how to paint, I can’t help but take a snap shot of them. A fleeting beautiful moments of togetherness.


actual painting
Art is long…Time is fleeting
Life is fleeting…It is to be enjoyed
the proud recipient of that fleeting moment

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Weekly Photo Challenge: the sign says

Seattle, 2013
Seattle, 2013

I found this sign at the underground tour gift shop in Seattle downtown, loose women and pickpockets??? what can you say?

underground,Seattle 2013
underground,Seattle 2013

Beautiful crapper flush toilet imported from England, check out the sign of the cup, “Crap Happens”

Zermatt, Switzerland 2011
Zermatt, Switzerland 2011

Of course if your up high in the Alps, would there be a traffic???

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