Esthetic or Aesthetic? or Cosmetic?

May 7, 2019

-Antipolo City

Beautybeyondfifty changed her domain to “The Dental Aesthetic Clinic” , Well, I really don’t know if this is a good idea or not but I went ahead anyway 🙂


So, what’s up?

My clinic is still under construction but I would like to share the progress. At first I was hesitant to build it in Antipolo, considering my specialty is “Esthetic Dentistry“.

What’s the difference between Esthetic and Aesthetic?

British English (Aesthetic) or American English (Esthetic)

What about Cosmetic Dentistry and (A)Esthetic Dentistry?

Well, Esthetic Dentistry is creating a smile that’s very natural, functionally effective. Enhancing the natural beauty of what is natural to the patient. Whereas, Cosmetic is creating a smile beyond what is natural, like making the veneers more whiter than the white paper, making it all straight in one level, which sometimes affects the functions and phonetics as well.

For me, Cosmetic involves more of a package enhancing physical beauty and improving Oral health, like I won’t go further than white, if it looks  too artificial. I can also straightened teeth by Orthodontics but I am also trained to administer botox which reduces wrinkles and filler for lip enhancement. So whether its Esthetics – Aesthetics – Cosmetic we’re still talking about beauty enhancements!

And why Antipolo? First of all, this is where I have a home, weather is much cooler and traffic is not as congested as in Manila.

Why I was hesitant?

I am not sure whether the locals will go into aesthetic, or spend more money to save their teeth. It’s a challenge and risk at the same time but I’m keeping my finger crossed. Hoping and praying that I will make a trend, if not elevate the standard of Dentistry in this area and create awareness on Oral health and hygiene.

Here’s some photos of the clinic under contstruction:

Ladies, wish me luck 🙂


Dr. Myriam (beautybeyondfity)

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Pinto Art Museum

Art and nature at Antipolo City!


We were lucky the weather was cool and breezy, so we were able to walk around the six galleries.It is about 1.3 hectares of green plants, white building galleries showcasing contemporaries arts, paintings and sculptures of Filipino artist



Every corner, is a nice place to take photos but don’t worry I will not post all the photos so as not to spoil your imagination. This is a lovely place to spend the afternoon.


There are two cafeterias to sit ,relax ,enjoy the food and the scenery. We just had our lunch so we just ordered cheesecake and halo-halo.




Ladies, there are a lot more to see in this museum. Come and see it !

Entrance fees: 200 Php per person