Old Jeddah and Old Me :-)


I always look forward for a day rest on weekend but when my friend says we have to go somewhere..GO! hahaha that’s me! My foot has an addiction to roam around anywhere! DSC_5874

As far as I know this is the second day of “Old Jeddah Festival” Jan.16,2015. Our car was parked about one kilometre away from the site.Downtown Jeddah (Balad) is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The festival is open for 10 days and its free entrance for everyone. The buildings were lit with different colors of light, there were guards, ushers and usherettes to guide which way to go.One thing missing were leaflets for guest like us, who can’t understand arabic, at least for us to know whose house, what stories behind the building,.. for us to better appreciate the history and reconnect the past to the present.

Jeddah wall
Jeddah wall
old building
old building




Mostly of the building windows are adorned with wooden lattices. The place were full with local and expatriate people. It was hard for me to take a good shot, I was afraid to lose my valuables and be left by my friends. The hustle and bustle of the festival was overwhelming.


this man not only have a good smile but he showed us how the old houses were built.
this man not only has a good smile but he showed us how the old houses were built.
weighing scale for his fruits
weighing scale for his fruits

Beautiful girls and ladies of the night ..of course the gentlemen too!


2015-01-16 at 23-43-07

Colourful display of food,tea cup, materials and equipments.

Old Dental equipment and forceps 🙂


It was a Funfair evening which ended up into a stressful night for me. To make the story short, I sprained my foot (mid section) as I was moving the chair back to stand up, I guess I was not paying attention or it’s me.. my old “ME” so much of laughter and accidents do happen at times 🙁 I am lucky my friends were all boys scout and girls scout. The first aid treatment was superb! I was able to walk and work the following morning 🙂

Thank you my friends!



Ladies behind: Inihaw Kamayan Grill Resto

Inihaw Kamayan Grill House Restaurant in Balad (old town ) Jeddah, managed and partly owned by Filipino OFW. Some of the owners are my acquaintances and the ladies (gina, dong, thess, jo) behind are my friends and one of them Jo Imperial is my colleague in dental profession. She also has a talent in fruit carving.

"Ladies" of Inihaw kamayan Grill house Restaurant

My eldest son was invited to take some photos and as usual, I tag along together with my youngest son. I took some shots behind the scenes too!

This is very promising restaurant, the place can accommodate around 100 guest (maximum) and can be arranged accordingly. The foods are combination of Chinese, Filipino and Japanese dishes. Though we were not able to taste the Japanese, maybe one day, we will try it too!

Some of my favorite dishes includes: kare-kare, laing (with hot chili pls!) and sizzling sisig.

Well, you know, we can’t eat that much, we’re on diet…depends actually ..it could be full diet or balanced diet or no diet! ha ha ha ha…

Ahhhh I love the halo-halo…maybe just once a month wont hurt the diet plan!

thank you ladies! Keep up the good work!

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