Weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

” A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away” – Eudora Welty 

Since i started blogging and have a camera of my own, these are the places I have been to.. From Philippines to Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Atlanta,Boston,Seattle and to Switzerland.

Chill : Hop on…Hop off… Boston Tour (part 4)

Boston harbor

Eventually towards the end of my educational trip the sun rises up only to be gloomy again at the middle of the day but I was adamant to go on tour, period! Boston Duck Tour (one vehicle for land and water)… great value, but I choose the two-way vehicle instead. The hop on…hop off trolley with a free Boston Harbor cruiseand a two-day pass at your own pace.

Boston duck tour

I only have a day and two hours before going back to reality 🙁  🙂 …sunny and chilly at 9 in the morning, with a map and camera (tourist) hops on the bus, sit back and relax!

There are 18 stops around Boston, the best thing about this tour is the history itself, and the bus drivers are great as story tellers or should I say a historian with a twist of their own wit and ideas to entertain visitors.

Have you heard about the Boston accent? The dropping of “r” and the broad “a”, so let’s call our historian as Cristian.

cristian: everyone says Ba

tourist: Ba

cristian: no no not ba in ba ba black sheep.. says ba as baaaa

tourist: (laughing)  baaa 

tourist: yeah lets hav a dink n a baa’ 

cristian: now let me tell you about the swan quack!

tourist: now wha? quaack quaaack! (Laughing loud)

while we were passing by the Boston common and public garden, he took out an all time children’s favorite book ” Make Way for ducklings” a story  of a pair  mallard ducks who decide to raise eight ducks named jack, mack, nack in Boston public garden (well beautytbeyondfifty forget again),I’m sure there’s a name “quack”.

Marriott Long Wharf

I went down to take the Harbor cruise, too chilly in the morning, passed by Dunkin doughnuts (every corner on our way), I was thinking hmmm lunch at the famous Long Warf? Nah… not fun being alone, so I discarded the idea.

After the cruise, first stop is New England Aquarium and Faneuil Hall Market place. This is where I had lunch inside the

Quincy market

Quincy Market, a melting pot of homemade delicacy, a lot of food to choose from and I cannot decide which one, too crowded! Though it’s a two-story rotunda, it’s hard to find a place to sit. Outside was also bars and different restaurant (casual and upscale dine in) like Cheers(remember the popular 1980s TV sitcom?), steak house, Italians resto and a lot more. Surrounded by gift shops and pushcart stalls, street performers, you can actually sit anywhere and have lunch and watch the show. A whole day of entertainment! Certainly enjoyable!

Trinity Church

Another stop is Copley Square,

Copley Place

again a lot of shopping and dining choices, a temptation to unfold, look for a millionaire, marry in Trinity Church( an impressive dark multi-hewed stone and glass window ) giving me goose bump when I got in.

Honeymoon in

interior of Trinity Church

Fairmont Copley Plaza then off to Copley Place shopping Galleries where you can find an all original signature items. Hop in to Symphony Hall,get in to Jillians Boston, watch a game in Fenway Park, go to Imax theater, comedy bar or to Museum

or to garden park and finished off  Whale watching , live in Commonwealth Avenue where you find brownstone home ornamented with flowers and trees, study in MIT or Harvard  Opppps where I am?

Pinch me! Alright I was day dreaming, time to hop off.

Cheers ladies!


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Hot to breeze to chill: Boston, Massachusetts (part 3)

view from skywalk observatory
Boston Harbor

From Atlanta to New York, the weather is not forgiving, My flight was delayed for 45 minutes due to heavy rains, I wonder, why oh why I brought my spring clothes instead of winter clothes! And why do I have to travel always in last minute? I have a meeting to catch at 1 in the afternoon and its 11 in the morning and I am still here in New York.

Atlanta to New York is 2 hrs and 10 min flight and from New York to Boston is 1hr and 15 min flight. Ahh, after so many trips. I still don’t get used to the fact that I came from Saudi Arabia, land of the desert and camels where life stands still five times a day though I live in Jeddah which is more tolerant and cosmopolitan than other cities in Saudi Arabia.Confused? me too!

inside Quincy market

I arrived in Boston with more heavy rain which is predicted to last for a week, Great! From hot and dry… to breeze  and showers… to chill and wet! Yey! Got an excuse for shopping clothes…. ha  ha ha oh well, my hands are tied or should I say I am on continuing educational trip ( which mean…on budget) Do you know how much to attend a dental workshop like this? the first course in Atlanta was US$ 2598 and the 2nd here in Boston, US$1550, plus ..plus..the ticket and hotel accommodation, all these expenses for the sake of giving the most updated, skillfully done Cosmetic Dentistry!

AACD members inside the Hynes' convention Center

Would it be safe to say ; as technology advances, Dentistry advances too… rather than… we (fifty and above) have to keep up with the ever-changing trend and innovation…Young and old has to keep learning and collaborate to give  and share the knowledge and skills for a better oral health of the public. Beautybeyond fifty getting serious 🙂 let’s go back to my escapades.

Massachusetts State House

Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts, the buildings are made of brick and brown stones which gives a more historical essence, the streets are clean, garden and parks are big and green. My room in Sheraton was on the 20th floor overlooking the Back bay view of the city, I can see the roof top of each buildings which were all amazingly clean.

My attention is divided into the great dental workshops and to the beautiful city itself. Every day I just  wished that the rain goes away and comes back again when I’m gone :-). I attended the welcome reception in Jillian’s Boston (near Fenway Park), a social night for about 2,000 dental professionals around the world.We dine, dance and drink. I asked the bartender ” do you have anything without alcohol?: she smiled at me “MINOR’? 🙂 you bet! never had a drink in my golden years! laugh, I know your eyes are wide open, huh!

sky view of greater Boston

Every morning I waited for the sun to rise, the third day, I got a glimpse of sun and hurried up to Sky walk observatory (50th floor of Prudential center) which is just adjacent to the Sheraton Hotel. A spectacular 360 degree views of greater Boston. Oh! Got a bit dizzy up there (good excuse for the outcome of my photos) but not bad as an amateur photographer. What do you think?

Fenway park

If my boys (husband and sons) were with me, we will surely not missed the most awaited game event, Red Sox vs. Cubs at Fenway park, they all love baseball! Towards the end of the week, the sun shines a bit so I did have a time to tour around the city, next blog  please! The Boston Duck tour!

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