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Weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes

” A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away” – Eudora Welty  Since i started blogging and have a camera of my own, these are the places I have been to.. From Philippines to Saudi Arabia to Jordan, Atlanta,Boston,Seattle and to Switzerland.

Chill : Hop on…Hop off… Boston Tour (part 4)

Eventually towards the end of my educational trip the sun rises up only to be gloomy again at the middle of the day but I was adamant to go on tour, period! Boston Duck Tour (one vehicle for land and water)… great value, but I choose the two-way vehicle instead. The hop on…hop off trolley

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Hot to breeze to chill: Boston, Massachusetts (part 3)

From Atlanta to New York, the weather is not forgiving, My flight was delayed for 45 minutes due to heavy rains, I wonder, why oh why I brought my spring clothes instead of winter clothes! And why do I have to travel always in last minute? I have a meeting to catch at 1 in the afternoon

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