Weekly Photo challenge: Fresh

coffee art by jamilamimi
coffee art by jamilamimi

Definitely my quest to improve myself didn’t stop when I reached fifty, now I’m turning fifty-four in few months and experimenting the joy of coffee…yes! the FRESHNESS of coffee brings joy to my art. I have no formal training in painting but the challenge made my free time worthwhile.

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Coffee ART anyone?

Have you found yourself at times, alone? drinking coffee? reading while drinking coffee, chatting while drinking coffee? have you ever wondered, your day will passed by doing nothing? oh well, i am a person who will always look for something to do, learn and try new things, so here’s one of my favorite pastime – painting using coffee inspired by my trip in Petra-Jordan.

lined the border with a paper tape
my paraphernalia
watercolor brushes
my coffee table

Here’s some of my finished painting using my favorite coffee.

coffeeart-18 coffeeart-17

camel look
camel look

coffeeart-8 coffeeart-6

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