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Four Days Road Trip – in search of Mt. Sinai – Part 1

Seriously? Yep Four days! I don’t know how we were able to… but here we are alive and kicking ūüôā ¬†My friend Rhea came from a two months holiday and a day after they arrived, we joined another groups of family to a road trip which we thought will just be an overnight thing, like

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Slow down Camel crossing…Road trip to Mada√≠n Saleh

Slow down Camel crossing‚Ķ Road trip to Mada√≠n Saleh We left Jeddah at 5√≥clock in the morning of October 28, 2012, same month when I visited the Nabatean capital of the north ‚ÄďPETRA in Jordan last year. Mada√≠n Saleh is about 800 km from Jeddah. We filled our cooler with cold drinks, foods, chips, chocolates

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