My Switzerland escapades: Le bouveret back to Geneva (day2)


Sunday, our first morning in Le bouveret, what a day to spend the time strolling around the vicinity, look at the magnificent view of Lake Geneva, the mountains, the people, the small shops around the marina, the smell of brewed coffee with the smell of nature blended together.., oh my!

magnificent view

we walk again without our luggage of course!, it seems there  are no taxis around the hotel , so I asked… the receptionist said..”its only 10-15 walk to train station” ahhh but last night was about 30-40 minutes, anyhow, i’ts a beautiful day, indeed! I enjoyed the scenery more while strolling..yesss if there was no train to catch at nine a.m. ( to Geneva) I rather stay in here, there was a sort of festival along the shore, a lot of stalls all around, people walks around with smiling faces, a lot them with dogs (beautiful snazzy puppies and dogs)

Sunday morning

 Besides the hotel is the Aqua park, which is good for adult and kids who likes to splash in the big slides down to swimming pool or go to the beach, do biking or ride in miniature railway train system which  is unique in Europe or if you like painting, the place is an inspiration in itself.

As we walked to the train station, we passed by chalet and small cute bungalow surrounded by green and flowers. It’s just so refreshing to note that the place is so peaceful, no malls, no abaya :-), no rude taxi drivers and I believe  i did not see any policemen but my son said, he did notice one. and so the train trip this time seems shorter because the weather is just great!


Geneva has been described as the third European financial centre after London and Zürich and was ranked as the fourth most expensive city in the world.

  I wonder where all these people hanging out on the restaurant get their money, I see them most of the time  eating out… hahaha would you believed we settled for a McDonald meal instead of dine in!

As usual we walk…eat ice cream..drink…chocolates..walk…drink. My son doesn’t want to go on tour, he wanted to experience how to travel, eat and live like the resident, so be it. I should have brought a big dictionary of English-French, If i was alone, i would just settle for an air-conditioned coach with a tourist guide!

But don’t get me wrong, I did enjoyed the trip…so much..that i like to stay more. By the way, this is the only trip that i been to without going shopping! yesss no shopping because it’s Sunday and all the shops were closed except for restaurant and coffee shops. Even on ordinary days, shops  closed as early as 5pm or as late as 6pm.

Jet de' Eau

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My Switzerland Escapades… walk…walk…walk …(day 1)

le bouveret

It took us 6 hours flight from Jeddah, KSA to Amman, Jordan to Geneva, Switzerland via Royal Jordanian Airlines. We arrived Geneva at 6:30 pm and the sun was still shining brightly, we readily went to the train station just adjacent to the airport and hence we already have our on- line ticket, we decided to room around the shops and tried some French bread at the café’ resto and tried to figure out which platform are we going in.

Our final destination is Le Bouveret (Swiss- French border), we asked the tourist office to give us some info about the place and La Lagune Rive Bleue , she gave us  a printed map and we were told to get on the bus or just walk from the train station.

We booked first class train ticket (and found out later, there’s not much difference between 1st and 2nd class) additional CFH30 is not worth all. It took us about two hrs from Genève airport via Lausanne to St. Maurice, and transferred to another train that took us 24 min to Le bouveret. The scenery is spectacular so I don’t find it boring to travel by train, though it would be nicer to get on the boat enjoy the sunset then go by train.

There was no Bus stop sign (though everything is in French) that will give us a hint that a bus neither is nearby nor taxis around. Le bouveret is a small town on the banks of Lake Geneva at the mouth of Rhone River. It was almost half past ten and it seems the place is already deserted, good thing, there were few Chinese students who could speak English and told us just to walk right across the train rails and pass through the marina, follow the bridge and right beside the Aqua Park (most popular tourist destination in the area) is La Lagune Rive Bleue.

La lagune rive bleue

Huh! Good thing, I am not wearing high heels, I can pull my luggage but to walk and walk not knowing where you are at the middle of the night, sounds creepy??? No, it was fun actually. We saw a bar, full of people and Kevin volunteered to go by himself and asked where the Hotel, I stayed put, oh my! I want to go and make pee. I always wonder why Saudi Arabia call comfort room as WC and the same thing here, ahhh water closet (w.c.) 🙂 and so we walk…walk…walk..finally we got Rive Bleue.

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