Coffee ART anyone?

Have you found yourself at times, alone? drinking coffee? reading while drinking coffee, chatting while drinking coffee? have you ever wondered, your day will passed by doing nothing? oh well, i am a person who will always look for something to do, learn and try new things, so here’s one of my favorite pastime – painting using coffee inspired by my trip in Petra-Jordan.

lined the border with a paper tape
my paraphernalia
watercolor brushes
my coffee table

Here’s some of my finished painting using my favorite coffee.

coffeeart-18 coffeeart-17

camel look
camel look

coffeeart-8 coffeeart-6

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PETRA- It has to be seen to be believed.

the siq

Ready for 3 hours walk ? yesss! It’s even longer than that, every step I made is worth a million awe, It’s marvelous to see and touch one of the new wonders of the world (7/07/2007). I could have gone on for more 800 hundred steps to monastery but I need more time to make it.

narrow passage (siq)

TIP: you need to wear a walking shoes, a big bottle of water and a hat to walk one kilometer.

horse driven carriage

Another choice to go around the trail… is by horse or horse driven carriage but you can’t appreciate much the writings on the walls along the siq (gorge) or to really experience the walk along the narrow passage between mountains  to reach Al-Khazneh( treasury).

Al khazneh (the Treasury)
the end of the siq-- a glimpse of the treasure

Walking will give you more time to take pictures, appreciate how the Nabataeans ( ancient villagers) works hard and used their clever minds to  create water system, carved their niche, incredible architecture of natural beauty not to mention sophisticated machinery doesn’t exist 2000 years ago.

Along the siq, the remains of the tomb can be seen, I see the influenced of the trade to the east into the arab world; building are built with ancient Egyptian, Babylonians style that I can only see in movies or in history books.

Tired? well you can actually hire a donkey or for more adventurous… a camel, both come with a handler who speaks English very well.

TIP: If you don’t want a ride just say “No, thank you” don’t say “later” because they will follow you all around.

colorful striation of rocks

I am fascinated by the colors of the rocks, Petra has been known a” rose-red city” because of the colors of the rock in which it is being carved. By the way, from Amman, Jordan, I traveled alone in chauffeur driven limousine (courtesy of my boss) around 2 hours and 3 hrs walking (cars are not allowed inside) to the narrow gorge and walla to the city of red rocks!

If given another chance, I would definitely come back and explore more the area, climb the high cliff mountains and experience the sunset.I like to experience the candle procession (done twice a week) people walk in silence , just you and the nature…nothing more!

the Hadrien Gate

One can’t stop to wonder and gaze what a wonderful stories have been told about this place and its people and you bet! I am still in awe!

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Celebrating 52 in Style!

October 27, 2011, flying high aboard Royal Jordanian Airlines, My friend Nabil warned not to travel on my birthday but I have a little superstitious belief that If I die, I die in style! 🙂

So, I reached my destination Amman, Jordan…in one piece… kicking and alive! Yeheyyy!

We had sumptuous lunch at my second family house. As much as I would like to eat more arabic dish, I was thinking about the 5 kilos I lost… hmmm i told myself…,”stop eating” otherwise your dress wont fit! SPandexxxxx!

After meeting the family members and old friends, we headed to Marriott  resort and spa at Dead Sea. Wonderful place, large swimming pools ( I think they were 4 of them), I was booked as one of the bride’s family member so for the meantime, i signed my name with their family name, (for discount purposes) yay!

beautiful sunset

After getting my things into the room , I hurried up to see the beautiful sunset, while walking along the shore, I met old friends, we sat down at the lobby of the hotel, few more minutes, familiar faces came in and I’m still dressed with shirt and jogging pants, I excused myself but they said it’s alright no need to change…so, dinner is served!

52nd b-day dinner

At the very end, waiters were getting closer to our table, I thought for a while, they were already closing but to my surprised, one is carrying a big cake with one big candle. Hurray! it’s my 52nd b-day. Cheers!

thanx for coming!

Thank you for an awesome night, a night to remember!