Filipino Women’s League – Hawaii

October 21, 2018

I was invited for a Tea party with Filipino Women’s League in Aiea at Dr. Amy Jacang residence. It was a beautiful day with beautiful women in a beautiful location overlooking the city, I would say they are the Beauties beyond fifties 🙂

Each guest brought some Filipino dishes, it was like “fiesta” with a twist of camaraderie .A lovely afternoon was spent with bona fide members giving speeches , songs and dances. The new would be members were asked to introduce themselves. It was an afternoon of smiles and I was excited and privileged to get some photos of the day. The usual meeting is held every first Friday of the month at various locations in central or west of Oahu.

The Filipino Women’s League

promoting Filipino sisterhood through culture, companionship and community service.

It was also announced that the Filipino Women’s league have helped  students who are brilliant in their field of studies but can not further their education due to lack of finances through their scholarship program. It caters for male and female students with Filipino descent who intend to pursue a career in college or university.

In addition, I also learned they have cook book for sale entitled “Hawaii Filipinas Favorite Recipes”  for Usd 15 plus shipping but through my research, it is also available in Amazon for Usd 25.

Wow! It’s amazing to meet all these women  and one thing I am delighted about is they all look beautiful in photos. I think because their smile are genuine and confident.. Confidently beautiful 🙂

Thank you Pat for taking me to this wonderful event.



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10 days in Lebanon (day 2/2) en route to Jeita – just for fun

June 13, 2018

En route to the magical Jeita grotto 18 Km north of Lebanon, the road leading to the caverns is carved into the mountains and surrounded with trees. There lived a family enchanted by the cool swept of the air and the smell of  nature.

The ALjeji family 🙂


A family of four


a daughter and a son


a happy servant

but one day,when the son was away, the wife and the daughter got mad and would like to leave the mountain, but the father refused.


I’ll shoot if you say no!


axe if  she doesn’t succeed 🙂


but the father triumphed. the wife and daughter agreed to stay.


and they lived happily ever after 🙂


the end… just for fun, the story is not real. 🙂

Photography @ Jeita



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Do you remember?


The first time you fall in love?

You hear the fast heartbeat ..the growling of stomach…

food poisoning?

but for you it is love…

the redness of your face whenever he stares at you..


 but for you it is love..

the trembling knees and the sweating of hands..


but for you it is love..

floating in the air


but for you it is love..

and slowly the symptoms started to disappear


I don’t even remember 🙂

2015-10-04 at 08-19-39



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