My FuNnY LADY: Malou Aricheta Alji

Born 1958 from Cagayan is my Lady number one♥♥♥.

malou alji

When I asked malou for an interview and photo shoot, without a blink of an eye she said YES!
That’s the lady I knew fifteen years ago, no frills, self-confident, full of energy, very friendly (a sure landslide winner if she is in politics) her candid frankness will surely make the crowd or two burst into laughter. And yet at times, her friendliness gets her into trouble in which she just shrugs it off.
She is a registered nurse by profession and a “certified domestic diva” for many years now. She met her Lebanese husband Nabil while working at the same hospital. Married for twenty-one years and blessed with three children.

Her eldest son, Shady graduated recently – Industrial Engineering in UST, another boast of their blissful life. Hep! Hep! Hep! Hurray! Or should I write woot.. woot…!
As my dear photographer Edge and his assistants Kk (kev S and Kev V.) getting ready for the shoot, I took out nuts and ice cream for her lovable husband to keep him busy..yay! what I mean, be comfortable without “S”! ( S as in “sumpong” -tantrums) in fairness, he is very supportive to her and to me:-)


In one word can you describe yourself?
FUNNY…young at heart

Is that your secret of being youthful?
Yey! I visualized myself outside, I like to smile, I feel I must be desirable in and out. (if you know her, you will know her eyes are twinkling side view ,fingers swinging, hips swaying)
Are you scared of aging?
Of course! Aging for me is like…as if the earth will stand you ended your fruitful life.

( ha ha ha bulok na!..rotten!)

what advise can you give to ladies like your age?

– Remove stress! If there’s a problem take it easy..Smile and the world will smile at you..cry and you will cry alone..

How do you relieve stress?

Singing, dancing, exercise, chatting

what is your philosophy in life?


– stand firm and always fight for your right! (at this time, Nabil is getting too attentive to the topic and wants to interject his opinion, we allow him at sometime but this is ladies talk..sorry guys!)

What is the best thing that happened to your life?

– when i got married , a new life had begun and I continued to evolve, continued to dream

How is it being married to a foreigner?

– difficult because we came from different culture, since I came to Jeddah as single and had enjoyed my life, I came to balance things. The first thing I learned when I got married is to cook . My husband said, If you don’t know how to cook, how can you feed your child? (I agree)

( Oh yeah! l love wara e’nab and molokeyyah)

Did you plan to marry foreigner?

– No! i have so many BF (boy friends and admirers etc) and I am proud of it, they are the trophies of my Ego. (Nabil smiling, i guess he is proud that malou choose him among her many admirers)

You only have one daughter, will you allow her to marry a foreigner? what advise would you give her in terms of  relationship?

– she can marry the man she likes but I wish that she can find a man who will truly love her more than she loves him. And to have a career of her own.

Why? Have you wish you didn’t stop working?

– Yes, I like to be a working mother, to have a career but I am thankful of everything, I have very supportive husband, three good children, I am thanking God everyday!

What do you want to be remembered? your legacy?

– I want them to remember that I help a lot of people getting their diploma, an education, a gift that no one can take away from them.

To end, What advise can you  give to Ladies beyond fifty?

– Acceptance! whatever decision you made in the past, don’t regret..move forward for life is too short, make the most of it ..Enjoy!

Yes! bon appetit..nuts and ice cream all gone… additional kilo..who cares? We love it!!!!

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Aging gracefully…diversion is the key

the many faces of fifty

Age is a number that usually we are not amused to count. I came to Jeddah 1987, armed with a double Bachelor degree, a lot of my patients commented that I am too young to be a Doctor…” Whatttt..don’t tell me you went to school when your teeth are just erupting???” At that time, I am not pleased, I like to look matured, may be 10 years more than my age. I look like a child who is trying hard to wear a white coat to look like a doctor. Appearance really matters in this country because if you look around they really look matured more than their age.

That was then, now fifty and beyond wants to look naturally. Time have passed, you have made a marked in people’s mind, whether it is your patients, your friend, family and acquaintances. That’s the good thing being in your golden years, you have achieved a lot that a formal introduction is not needed, unless you haven’t change your old self, I mean your appearance in particular.

If you’re wearing the same hairstyle century ago, now is the time to change… try finding a good salon that will cut and color your hair according to your skin tone.

Check your wardrobe; check the colors of your clothes…are you in gray or black shades? There’s nothing wrong with black, but if you’re wearing black at all times, think! Are you hiding something? May be its time to shade those extra kilos! Wear something different, red? Blue? Yellow or maybe choose lighter shades that will make your day better, which will make you feel different if not beautiful. Remember when you feel good, you look beautiful inside out.

If you haven’t been in SPA, now is the time to pamper yourself. You’re under stress? Go shopping; buy the things you really want, no money?  Well, then just look at it ha ha ha ha, well at least you did some exercise (walking around mall), you see beautiful people who will inspire your day, instead of just sitting at home, cleaning, ironing, cooking etc. Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing these things every day, have time for yourself too!

Aging is a continuous process, we cannot hold it, rich and famous looks fabulous because they have means, domestic helper, PA, etc. a lot of things that we normal ladies doesn’t have… but you know what, we have ourselves, this is the time to think about YOU, if you don’t? Who else would?

It’s natural for us, to think about our children, we can afford to buy them PSP, X-box, a thousand worth of clothes/shoes but what we got for ourselves?twenty riyals worth of slippers? You’re probably busy doing household chores that you just clipped back your hair, wear old clothes, and ignore the mirror. huh! It’s about time..wake up, do something for yourself, at least pamper yourself once a week, a month, find time to amuse yourself.

Stress? find something to divert, dance, yes dance even you’re alone, do exercise…this is beneficial to your body and mind…declare a day off! kids has day off…dad has a day off..even a helper has a day off…why not YOU!

Let’s go  ladies… see you on Thursday? LADIES!
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