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My FuNnY LADY: Malou Aricheta Alji

♥Born 1958 from Cagayan is my Lady number one♥♥♥. When I asked malou for an interview and photo shoot, without a blink of an eye she said YES! That’s the lady I knew fifteen years ago, no frills, self-confident, full of energy, very friendly (a sure landslide winner if she is in politics) her candid frankness

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Aging gracefully…diversion is the key

Age is a number that usually we are not amused to count. I came to Jeddah 1987, armed with a double Bachelor degree, a lot of my patients commented that I am too young to be a Doctor…” Whatttt..don’t tell me you went to school when your teeth are just erupting???” At that time, I

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