My Switzerland Escapades: Montreux to Medieval town of Gruyeres (day3)

boat on Lake Geneva

Day 3, let’s try another route…boat-walk-train-bus to medieval town of Gruyeres.It’s refreshing and an enjoyable 25 minutes boat ride from Bouveret to Montreux. There’s also refreshment or breakfast on board (too late, we had breakfast already at the hotel).What’s amazing with the transportation here, everything is on time! You can also take your bicycle on boat or on train, there’s a special place for it. There’s also 1st class and 2nd class, I would say if your going for a long ride to Geneva or to Lausanne by boat, it’s probably nice to take the 1st class,.. like your on cruise!

along the shore of Montreux

Montreux houses and building are  more continental than Bouveret, its lake shore are more flowered and the windows of huge buildings are decorated with colorful window curtain. There are more jazz bars, discos and hotels. We wish we had enough time to roam around but as I said the train leaves and arrives on time.

And so we walk and climb upstairs,no luggage hurray! Beware of going from city to city with a heavy luggage, transferring from one platform to another will kill your shoulder and legs as there are no elevators or escalators that will ease your misery 🙁

golden pass panoramic train

Golden pass panoramic train is an amazing  ride experience from Montreux to Montbovon, a spectacular view passing through the vine yards, lake view, tunnel,green valleys and mountains.

From Montbovon , we shifted to another train to La Maison du Gruyere where we listen to the history of the medieval town and watch how cheese is being made.

Then we took a bus to the Castle of Gruyeres, hurray! 2,627 feet above sea level, finally … another spectacular view of well-preserved houses of 15th to 17th centuries line up the main street, with restaurants along the way hmmm no McDonald this time ..No diet pls!

Medieval town of Gruyeres

At the entrance of the castle, we found a small museum called HR Giger museum, the art of “alien” and Tibet Museum. I find it amusing to pose with Egyptian mummy statue. The castle is well furnished and preserved.There are about 16 rooms complete with 15th century paintings.We watched  a thrilling multimedia show” Gruyeres” a wonderful story of the castle.Outside is a chapel with stained glass windows showing the baptism of Christ. On the ground is a French style landscape garden, I would say its some  sort of geometrical style.We were so engrossed taking pictures , time passes by so quickly but of course, kevin and I will not leave the place without trying those yummy swiss food!

We hurried up to catch the train back to Montbovon or else we gonna miss the last boat going back to Bouveret but…as we can’t read nor speak French, we got the wrong train and wallah, we went straight to Bulle, another classic town of  Gruyeres,… charged to experience! And so, we waited for another train to bring us back to Gruyeres then to Montbovon.

terrace view

Going back to Montreux, we took the Golden pass classic train in luxury style (2hrs) just right on time to catch the boat to Vevey then to Bouveret.

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My Switzerland escapades: Le bouveret back to Geneva (day2)


Sunday, our first morning in Le bouveret, what a day to spend the time strolling around the vicinity, look at the magnificent view of Lake Geneva, the mountains, the people, the small shops around the marina, the smell of brewed coffee with the smell of nature blended together.., oh my!

magnificent view

we walk again without our luggage of course!, it seems there  are no taxis around the hotel , so I asked… the receptionist said..”its only 10-15 walk to train station” ahhh but last night was about 30-40 minutes, anyhow, i’ts a beautiful day, indeed! I enjoyed the scenery more while strolling..yesss if there was no train to catch at nine a.m. ( to Geneva) I rather stay in here, there was a sort of festival along the shore, a lot of stalls all around, people walks around with smiling faces, a lot them with dogs (beautiful snazzy puppies and dogs)

Sunday morning

 Besides the hotel is the Aqua park, which is good for adult and kids who likes to splash in the big slides down to swimming pool or go to the beach, do biking or ride in miniature railway train system which  is unique in Europe or if you like painting, the place is an inspiration in itself.

As we walked to the train station, we passed by chalet and small cute bungalow surrounded by green and flowers. It’s just so refreshing to note that the place is so peaceful, no malls, no abaya :-), no rude taxi drivers and I believe  i did not see any policemen but my son said, he did notice one. and so the train trip this time seems shorter because the weather is just great!


Geneva has been described as the third European financial centre after London and Zürich and was ranked as the fourth most expensive city in the world.

  I wonder where all these people hanging out on the restaurant get their money, I see them most of the time  eating out… hahaha would you believed we settled for a McDonald meal instead of dine in!

As usual we walk…eat ice cream..drink…chocolates..walk…drink. My son doesn’t want to go on tour, he wanted to experience how to travel, eat and live like the resident, so be it. I should have brought a big dictionary of English-French, If i was alone, i would just settle for an air-conditioned coach with a tourist guide!

But don’t get me wrong, I did enjoyed the trip…so much..that i like to stay more. By the way, this is the only trip that i been to without going shopping! yesss no shopping because it’s Sunday and all the shops were closed except for restaurant and coffee shops. Even on ordinary days, shops  closed as early as 5pm or as late as 6pm.

Jet de' Eau

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