Age 57 : DIY hair dye highlights

Have you ever dye your hair at home? Oh YEAh! How about highlights? hmmm sounds not so familiar but I tried!

Now a days when the economy is down, going to salon once a month is considered a luxury. Imagine spending a minimum of Sr 150  a month for your hair and Sr 75 for your nails, wow! that’s Sr 225 and in a year it’s around Sr 2700 without counting the tips. I remember I had once, a bad shade, like  a blonde -orange – brown thing that I hated to look at myself in the mirror. a hell 6 weeks of waiting! huh! I swear I didn’t go back to that salon ever. it’s a DYE or DIE thing hahaha! So, I discovered I can control the shades if I do it myself, less stress on my wallet as well.

So, I tried to dye my hair every six weeks to cover the grey hair but at times I like to highlight a few strands so it mixes with the grey hair 🙂 got it? the grey is now a lowlights 🙂


Anyway, I just want to share how I did my highlights. I used Koleston (Wella), a combination of light brown mahogany (307/7) and matte medium blonde (307/2), for a perfect grey coverage. After a day, I used koleston highlights. It comes with a disposable caps, gloves and brush.


I was at first scared to do it but I did it anyway. so here it is!

I used the plastic cap and a tool like the crochet needle to pull a thin stands of hair through the holes of the cap. I only choose few strands, then I applied the higlighter. I waited for around 15 minutes. I panicked looking at how my hair is turning into a very light shades. I immediately removed the cap and washed my hair.Check out also the strands of hair, It would have been better, if I pull the strands in a uniform thickness.


After washing


Towel dry


Blow dry


Ladies, what do you think?

Well, I think it’s not bad for the first timer like me, I think the next time I do it, I should be careful about the uniform thickness of the hair, more control on the amount of hair that pulled through the cap. And I should carefully follow the pattern of spaces on the cap so the result should be more evenly spaced.

Well, better luck next time 🙂



How to wear Spring’s colorful trend when you are 50 and beyond?

I have a conference to attend in less than two weeks…you bet I’m in a shopping mood! But how can I wear all those colorful dresses? Lemon Zest yellow, emerald green, Monaco blue,nectarine orange? Shall I stay with white and black stripes?… What?… no problem? Come on, I am fifty-three years old! 🙁

It seems that fashion industry forgot that there are women beyond fifties who are still working and loving every shopping moment. I have suffered enough to choose my jeans, those dreadful lowest hipsters where I hold my breath so as not to show my bulging tummy 🙂  Oh well, let us be brave ladies!

My fashion mind says, YES you can! all you have to do is choose the color that will match your skin tone. After all women today are more flexible, more resilient and yes! we will survive the trend. Isn’t it enough to say “no”to every dinner invitation because you wanted to have those jeans? Life is too short to say “no”, enjoy every moment, enjoy every fashion, you will never know what you gonna wear when your six feet below the ground.

Well, let me show you what color I choose this spring time:

White trouser looks better, dont you think?
White trouser looks better, dont you think?


 1) Choose colors that match your skin tone.

2) Mix and match, gone are the days when you have the same colors from head to foot.

3) If you can’t find the right color of dress, accessorize with bright colors.

4) Conquer your fear of color, be trendy who cares if your fifty and beyond, just add your “POISE”!

loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top
loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top

So ladies, Let’s go…shoppingggg!!!

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