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Uber or Easy taxi in Jeddah, my choice?

  My recent trip to Los Angeles had introduced me to Uber app. My son said,” you have to learn how to use google map and use Uber to take a ride mom!”  Yes my dear, I will! With his busy schedule, he tried hard to take me anywhere but I have to take a

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Scared of MERS -I travelled via Etihad Airways on Pearl Business Class

A week or two before his birthday, my father had suffered a mild stroke. I immediately decided to visit him. Before the announcement of an outbreak of MERS in Saudi Arabia, I already purchased an economy ticket going to Philippines via Etihad Airways. MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is a viral respiratory illness caused

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Photoblog: Jeddah Fish market

A friday soaring hot morning in Jeddah Fish Market will surely make your day, fish monger are all smiling and willingly pose with their fish on hand. Some of our kababayan (overseas Filipino workers) also wave their hand and willingly smile. Even the fish (tilapia) jumps with joy, spinning and caught me offhanded ;-).