Road trip Day 1: Mamangal Beach,Virac Catanduanes

After two days trip from Saudi Arabia to Manila, Philippines to the island of Virac, Catanduanes, we decided to chilled out the afternoon at the white beach of Mamangal Beach resort. DSC_6484

the afternoon was breezy, there was a little shower of rain, but the kids and young adult enjoyed the short trip. The pictures were taken by my niece and nephew. Where was I ? sleeping Zzzzzz!

turon and baduya
turon and baduya

Turon -banana spring rolls….. Baduya – fried banana tempura style (rice flour)



good to be home:-)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition – an act or an instance ,objects,images or ideas of placing together or side by side especially for comparison or contrast.

Hmmm, first time I learned this word in photography. I will try!

Luzern, Switzerland
Luzern, Switzerland
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
cute stolen shot
cute stolen shot
which one?
which one?

Well, I am not sure if I really understood “juxtaposition” .This is a challenge indeed!  🙂


Photoblog: Water blasters

Our usual  Friday walk to Jeddah corniche was changed to swimming and friday brunch (instead of breakfast picnic at the park).We had a blast at the pool and a breakfast buffet, a combination of manaquessh ( bread with either bread or spinach and zatar) and Tutsilog (Tuyu-small dried fish,fried rice and fried egg).



Ashley’s Style



Friday brunch

DSC_0165 DSC_0160

Photoblog: A friday walk


Having a full day off once a week would not be meaningful without seeing our family friends. Unfortunately,there’s not much free choices, hence mostly if not all  restaurants are closed early in the morning.

We usually walk along  Jeddah corniche and ended in a public park to have picnic breakfast. Our favourite park was once green but not anymore. Not only  the walls and post are painted with drawing and writings that I don’t understand the meaning, garbage can also be found at every corner, which is a regular sight in  other Jeddah parks and streets.

Jeddah streets are actually full of beautiful arts, statues done by famous artist, public parks and children’s playground, sad to say, all are not maintained well and people don’t pay attention to proper waste disposal.

Who wants to be surrounded by garbage anyway?