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Do you know me?

It’s been long I haven’t been on a Valentine’s date 🙂 A feeling of senior moment or a feeling of longing? Whatever it is, I.. for sure would like to experience it sooner. Alright, I heard you (my hand on my ear…(smiling) I am nearly on retirement age and sooner than you thought I’ll be

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Mountain Bikers of Jeddah

Friday Sept 22, 2017 – Jeddah KSA I woke up at 5 in the morning to watch the race of mountain bikers in Jeddah. This is my first time to be in this place. I was determined to take photos of bikers, I thought for a while it is all Filipino cyclist but there are

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Weekly Photo Challenge: the sign says

I found this sign at the underground tour gift shop in Seattle downtown, loose women and pickpockets??? what can you say? Beautiful crapper flush toilet imported from England, check out the sign of the cup, “Crap Happens” Of course if your up high in the Alps, would there be a traffic??? ©Copy rights protected

Weekly photo challenge – renewal

Renewal –  state of being made new,fresh or strong again. One  rainy day, birds under the trees, waiting for the rain to stop. Strolling along the street, I can’t help but stop and took this shot. I was inspired to walk more, instead of just going back to bed and hid under my blanket i decided to

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