Red Sand Dunes – an NaFud Al KaBir Tabuk region

Red sand dunes of Tabuk region, an awesome experience of seeing the beauty of nature.


I came home from a four days road trip ,exhausted but happy and can’t stop looking at the photos I took. Hmmm can’t really decide upfront which one to upload first. I am fascinated by the red color of the sand dunes in Tabuk region. It’s a small area of the vast desert where you can see a red sand dunes.This place in An Nafud al kabir is a sight to behold and no photos can literally translate my feelings to see this beautiful nature. We didn’t mind the hot weather, I can feel the hotness, redness of my face but I didn’t back off taking photos.



What is more fascinating, the green grass has two shades of green!




I am giggling inside seeing this awesome scenery, I thank God for the creation.




Ladies, have time to enjoy the nature, look at beyond the beauty of nature.

It’s a wonderful feeling!


Jamilamimi @beautybeyondfifty

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Sand dune – Jeddah Saudi Arabia


The most visited place in Jeddah – Sand dune!

We left our home as early as 5:30 am, to catch the sunrise, unfortunately we didn’t reach on time.

We stop along the area, to buy tamis ( a big round bread)and foul (made of fava beans) for breakfast, we ate it as fast as the sun rises above us.


As soon as we arrived, I got ready with my camera, there’s not much to shoot anyway, it’s all sands but I tried to make it more interesting ( I hope so 🙂 )

and some of our actions shoot!

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Sand Dune bonding time

October 26, 2012, Eid Al adha, We celebrated our holiday at sand dune . It was a breakfast in style ! We met at 5:30 am, surprisingly everyone came on time, eager to catch the sunrise on top. Our leader maintained a speed of 100 kph almost (joke, he wanted to go fast, as the sun rises fast ahead of us) Anyway, what matters most, we did reach safely and had a  great time!

Continued until Al shifa stone cave and off again on sunset. Hopefully we can continue to go abha or even madain saleh (joke again) we have to cool off and end the night. Cheers!

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