10 days in Waikiki : (day 8) First hiking adventure on North shore Oahu – Waimea Valley

October 23,2018


The ADA convention (Oct 18-22) successfully ended and it’s time for me to explore the Oahu Island again, this is my first hiking adventure, 8.5 hrs of nature experience. I have been in private dental practice for 32 years and been in and out of the country to attend courses, conventions and meetings but It’s only been 5 years that I enjoyed exploration in between. I guess I was so busy to earn a living, busy as a mom and with my career, that I was always in a hurry to go back home. However, for the last five years, slowly I lowered my guard and enjoyed the surroundings, the nature and really appreciates the blessings that came along.Thank you Lord 🙂


Now, It’s time to explore 🙂 I was picked up at 6:30 in the morning, we were a group of four, oh wow! My companion have a Canon camera, a long big lens and a tripod. I have Nikon and lens kit (18-105mm) and was given a tripod to use during the hike. Imagine a 59 yrs. old lady carrying a backpack and a tripod exploring the 1,875 acre valley (Waimea Valley). Did I arched my back? Got a back ache? Nope not all! Mosquitoes bite? oh yeah! plenty! so be aware, take insect repellant before doing the hike.

On our way we passed through the famous Hale’iwa sign. I was told that the original sign was a female surfer. Want to read the sad and heartfelt story about this sign? click here



Waimea Valley – is a rich and culturally significant wahi pana (storied place). Historically, this Valley has been home to and ruled by a long line of Ali’i Nui (kings), Ali’i (Chiefs) and Kahuna Nui (High Priest). It has gone many changes over the years but despite of the changes the mana (life force, essence) remained.


I guess, no matter what age you are, you can still visit this place. Oh by the way, there’s a shuttle for those who have difficulty in walking, they take you around from the entrance to the end, where the Waimea water falls and back  for a small fee.It’s a very peaceful scenery, plenty of plants, flowers, tree and even though there was a bit of rain showers every now and then, I didn’t mind it all. I walked with much enthusiasm and energy!



I enjoyed walking as well taking photos of the flowers along the way.

At the end of the trail – Waimea Falls! My first time to take a photo of waterfalls 🙂



What do you think? Did I learned some photography trick? hahaha I know I was overwhelmed by the scenery that I forgot to ask more questions to our photographer guide dee-jay.


30 foot waterfall that cascades down into a pool below. Swimming is allowed with free life vest,swimming noodles and boogie boards, though at the time we came, the water was a bit dark due to the intermittent rain, but it did not matter to a lot of people , they still dived and enjoyed swimming into the fresh water.


After the hike , we went to see Pu’u Mahuka Heiau – the largest Heiau (religious site) on Oahu. The view was awesome! overlooking Oahu shoreline.

As we moved forward to old town of Haleiwa, we passed by in Laniakea Beach or popularly known as” Turtle Beach”. The cars were parked on the other side of the road, so we have to crossed to see the green turtle.




We ended the trip after lunch at the old town of Haleiwa. I had shrimps and rice and was too full to get a shaved ice for myself 🙂

Wonderful day! Mahalo 🙂



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My Oahu Escapades – Hanauma Bay (part 3/5)

2015-10-03 at 01-15-53

Another day to explore, another OMG! :-0 I can’t refrain from saying the word “nice” every-time we got out for a ride and explore the island.

2015-10-03 at 01-16-19

2015-10-03 at 01-16-16

Again, we didn’t catch up with sunrise and I don’t think will ever be 🙂

2015-10-03 at 01-24-36

Though we arrived early, we didn’t go down to snorkel. Hanauma Bay is great for snorkelling. It is sheltered from strong currents and waves. People starts to come as early as 6 in the morning.

2015-10-03 at 01-56-27

Under the tire of one the cars parked in the area, I’ve seen two small creatures fast-moving around.  It was not easy to take the shots but I tried. These small animals are called Mongoose  known also by its Hawaiian name of ‘lole manakoke.

2015-10-03 at 01-32-38

Hanauma Bay Nature preserve and Beach park is 30 minutes drive from Waikiki

2015-10-03 at 01-33-37

2015-10-03 at 01-36-50

2015-10-03 at 01-33-09

I have settled not to go down because of the spectacular view on the top. So beautiful, so blue and green.. so refreshing..

2015-10-03 at 01-33-31

2015-10-03 at 01-36-59

Even the grass flowers are so stimulating..

2015-10-03 at 01-37-36

I took 3 shots and didn’t use filter to alter the background. It’s really beautiful!
2015-10-03 at 01-37-56

2015-10-03 at 01-37-46


2015-10-03 at 01-44-58

Ladies,this place is amazing, I definitely would love to come back and try to bring our own snorkelling gadget, see the under the sea creatures and not the mongoose 😉

Of course..underwater camera here we go 🙂 .. beautybeyondfifty will research on the best waterproof camera. Any recommendation?

will be coming back soon!



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My Oahu escapades : Lanai look out to Sandy beach park (part 2/5)


2015-10-03 at 02-18-12

We tried to wake up early to get the glimpsed of early sunrise but we failed obviously, as we headed to Kalaniana’ole highway (Hwy 72) the sun was already up.

2015-10-02 at 11-31-12


2015-10-03 at 02-06-21

We stop to a  little corner before heading to Lanai look out, just to take a panoramic view of the city. We saw a middle-aged man, walking leisurely , I wonder where is the destination? The view was spectacular! Alright, we didn’t get to sunrise what about coming back here at sunset?

Oh yeah! good idea!

2015-10-03 at 01-19-26

2015-10-02 at 11-24-50

Omg! Oh my! what a nice view!., I think I uttered these words ten times if not more 🙂

2015-10-02 at 11-38-32

Lanai look out is on the south-eastern shore, nestled behind Koko crater and not too far from Hanauma bay. There’s a small pull-out /parking area to view and take pictures.

2015-10-02 at 11-39-46 (1)

2015-10-03 at 03-14-17

The southward view is amazing and a piled of an interesting looking eroded rocks can be seen, actually we came back twice and still feels good to come back more 🙂

After taking a few shots, we went further more.. again Omg!

2015-10-03 at 03-02-40

Finally we arrived at Sandy beach park, as I laid down my things, appreciating the beauty of the sea,the lifeguard approached us not to swim further as the current was so strong and dangerous. I watched with awe how one surfer calmly wait for the waves and enjoy his time. The impressive pounding shortwaves took my camera in bursts shots 🙂

2015-10-02 at 12-05-23

2015-10-02 at 12-12-04

2015-10-02 at 12-10-23

2015-10-02 at 12-10-39

2015-10-02 at 12-12-19

2015-10-02 at 12-04-11

2015-10-02 at 12-02-23

2015-10-01 at 18-00-09

When the sun started to go down, we hurriedly went back to the first corner stop so I can shot the sunset overlooking the panoramic view of the island.

2015-10-02 at 12-20-32

2015-10-02 at 12-23-32

2015-10-02 at 12-22-41

Ladies, this trip definitely made my day, I can just sit and look at the scenery or just watched the shores , the scent..the sight.. and sound..it’s refreshing and invigorating!



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