Age 59: LIPS… understanding aging process for beauties beyond fifty(aka older women)

Do you notice anything about your smile?

Does your teeth shows when you smile?

Is your lips getting thinner?

Come on! Look at the mirror and examine your lips, was it the same when you were in your early twenties?


Well, When I was a teenager ,way back.. 🙂 hahaha make a calculation and you will know what year..I used to think my lips were big and thick! I am conscious about my teeth as well, it’s protruded and big. I did Orthodontic treatment, extracted four teeth to minimize protrusion of my lips and now that I am fifty and beyond, I find my lips thinner and my teeth doesn’t show as much as it was !

beauty smile
Feeling young at 52

Yep, as we grow older, our upper lips become thinner and lower lips increases a bit in thickness. The main reason why lips become thinner and loses its natural volume is because of collagen depletion.

Throughout aging, the face becomes flatter and the nose gains more prominence, resulting in a longer upper lip which explains why, sometimes in older women, upper front teeth cannot be seen during smiling.

Try to look at the mirror again and say the word “emma” without closing your lips, just in a relax position, can you see your two front teeth? Young people have at least 2mm of it showing but for adult, sometimes, the two front teeth can not be seen at all. Well, it’s not only the problem of upper lips getting longer ,it is also the wear and tear of the teeth. Sometimes, the teeth itself got shorter because of attrition.

What treatment options do we have?

  • some women, choose to plump their upper lips, but at times they also over do it, resulting to a pronounced pout lips which at times too artificial (my opinion). Restylane is an example of filler used to increase volume and define the vermillion border of the lips.
  • lip implants – I would not even consider this treatment
  • fat injections – another treatment I will not consider

Well, for me, I would rather enhanced the shape of my teeth like doing veneer or laminates or bleaching and a good technique in lipstick application.

at age 59, i use different shades of lipstick and lip pencil

Lipstick application for older women:


  • apply moisturizer or in my case I use vaseline every night to prevent chapping and maintain the natural color of my lips
  • embrace pink shade of lipstick, though my mom at age 91, she still use red lipstick. I think pink for lighter skin and red for darker skin. I also think it should be at least two degrees darker than natural color of your lips.
  • line your lips with pencil and accentuate the cuspid’s bow with a darker colorlips2
  • finish with light gloss to have more youthful look 🙂

Is there any difference between branded lipstick and lipstick I got from pharmacy?

My opinion?




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Beautybeyondfifty dares a 19 years old model on photoshoot

Model: Kristine Solis
Model: Kristine Solis

Are you beyond fifty years of age? Is there a protocol of what to wear when you’re fifty and beyond?

Is it about you? or is it about how people perceive you? Are you afraid of humiliating your family more than yourself?

What do we consider when we want to wear something in fashion?

Have you heard how President Obama’s daughter got critiqued in Facebook because of wearing what teens wears today?

so I thought, what will happen if I, a woman of fifty-five years old wears what a 19 years old model wears during photo shoot?

will I be shoot to kill? (wink) or will people be dismayed of what I did? 🙂

huh! over thinking will kill the fun 🙂

Model-Kristine Solis
Model-Kristine Solis

Have you ever wondered how time flies? The time that you were so skinny and have a coca cola body or hourglass shape?

Model: Kristine Solis
Model: Kristine Solis

34-24-34 statistics as we age will be like 34-34-34 🙂 because of aging process specially after menopause, the estrogen levels goes down and  it seems the fat distributions are all in the abdomen,thigh,hips and buttocks , so from hourglass shape to an apple shape huh! at least there’s still a shape! hahaha

Model: Kristine Solis
Model: Kristine Solis

and what about the hair? have you noticed? it get’s thinner by the years! well, at least we don’t get bald like the old men!

sharing laugh with my friends daughter is treasure
sharing laugh with my friends’ daughter Kristine a treasure to behold
Photo credit: B. Solis
Photo credit: B. Solis

and beautybeyondfifty wears the most outrageous attire at age 55!

Model: Jamilamimi
Model: Jamilamimi
Model: Jamilamimi
Model: Jamilamimi

Are you still breathing?

good! because life goes matter what, so enjoy your day, don’t fret about what you gonna wear today, what other people would say, what matter most is the fun you’re having 🙂 right?

Wrong at certain times, i.e.  wearing high heels on the beach! well, that’s an exaggeration :-), what about wearing crop top and your bulging tummy is getting ready to burst! hahaha wild imagination 🙂

Model: Kristine and jamilamimi
Model: Kristine and jamilamimi

What I mean..wear what’s comfortable,don’t count your age count your money instead (joke).

Be who you are, …dress what you like,… be free but if people laugh at you be ready to laugh at them too!

Ladies, enjoy the short time we will be here on earth, look around, feel your happiness…breath…Live!





Bio: Kristine Solis is a singer,model and a pop artist

Photographer: B.Solis and M.Suarez

Clothes: Zara,Pull and Bear

Make Up:K.Solis and M.Suarez


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Weekly Photo Challenge: SELFIE

Just right on time! I used camera 360 on my iPhone to give some tips on what to say when taking “Selfie portrait”. And my mom said ” mimi is that you? I didn’t recognise you, u had facelift? ” there you go ladies hahaha guarantee to remove wrinkles and made you look 10 years younger, just press “magic skin” in effects and camera 360 will take your years away 🙂

Say Cheese….click!


Say ” Esthetic …click!


Say ” Prunes…Click!


Ladies, beautybeyondfifty  just wanna have fun!

try it! 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Oh! thanks goodness! I have plenty of photos of my sons, being away from them is hard let alone in this country but I will survive and will always be!

my everdearest sons lovely smile
my ever dearest sons
lovely smile
Edge and thea what a beautiful set of teeth and heartwarming smile
Edge and thea
what a beautiful set of teeth and heartwarming smile

note: above photo was taken from Facebook wall of Edge Suarez (with permission) 🙂


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The power of SMILE

feeling young at 52

My earlier blog (re-post) was about Botox and Filler and not everyone was amused about the idea. I am not surprised nor I would disagree …its a matter of personal opinion and decision after all, Beauty is on the eyes of the beholder.

As a Cosmetic Dentist, I would also like to recommend routine oral prophylaxis (cleaning), bleaching (if needed) and porcelain laminates veneer to enhance and rejuvenate your smile.Well, with all the prices soaring high not everyone can afford that “Hollywood smile”. Nevertheless, maintaining a good Oral hygiene is a must for everyone!

However, If you really think about it, one of the natural anti-aging remedy is to SMILE.

Come on! try the power of smile…try! I mean now..while you’re reading this… from ear to ear, how do you feel? feeling good? yeah! if it feels good it must be good and real and keep it up because that’s the new anti aging remedy. Not expensive and very natural.

One way of performing an anti aging skin treatment is by consuming foods that contain high fiber and wearing products that contain a high amount of antioxidant substances. This is true!, I’ve been using Vitamin C on my face every night  since i got Pearl laser and its improving a lot better.(my next topic)

a complete set of beautiful teeth will make you more younger looking

There is one other simple thing that can be used as an anti aging remedy — a smile. When we smile or laugh, the face conducts an active movement. Smiling or laughing can be called facial gymnastics. If we do intentionally smile or laugh when we see something funny, the movement of the facial muscles during smiling or laughing helps reduce wrinkles, lines and other aging symptoms.

icon smile Smile   Anti Aging Remedies

Smiling requires less effort than frowning, it also requires less muscles …I would rather have wrinkle as a result of smiling than frowning!  Stress…stresss… everyday, the demand of work for working women are just enormous to handle , work home …clinic…home again. No helping husband huh! And for those who are staying at home , four corners of the wall with loads of laundry, cooking, cleaning..a never ending stories , husband comes home..where’s dinner? huh! get him out  and eat outside.. a family dinner for all. why not? If he is tired working’re also tired working inside your home.. you both deserves pampering at times. And if money is an issue, well you can set up dinner at home and let him wash the dishes hehehehe.

which one shows your smile more? eyes or mouth?

The easiest way to get old… is to take in all the stresses of everyday’s life specially women…we always worry about the future of our children…work load (either home or office) even the daily thought of preparing food, worries us and of course…husbands escapades. True or false? hmmmm don’t give me that look! I am pretty sure…you know what I mean!

Sophie Defensor -Victoria @ 49 yrs.old (full smile and pretty!)

Do you realize sometimes that when you look at the mirror, at times you are so pretty? (meaning happy life) but at times you’re so ugly? (meaning under stress).

Tips: when you wake up in the morning, look at  the mirror ,(don’t look at your snoring husband) 🙂 unless he is really that good-looking in bed lol! SMILE and say good morning to yourself. Just try…believe everyday that this day will be a better day than yesterday!

Don’t worry about dieting, enjoy the food but don’t forget to do your daily exercise. I rather be a chubby healthy (and look more younger) than a very skinny (and look older).

Do something that you enjoy doing, or try something different and discover the joy of learning new things. I recently learned how to play x-box kinect games, and had fun with my kids. At times, it’s good to do the things that young people do and laugh at your mistakes, it will surely make your day!

Don’t feel sorry about yourself if your husband/partner look at other woman, take it as a challenge, take it from Jinkee Pacquiao, instead of being depressed, she improves herself and she’s a winner! I don’t believe in married man who made excuses to have extra-marital relationship, (unfair!). Men who love to “drink” and sleep with prostitutes are more disgusting and degrading. I  also don’t believe in women who cried and pursue their man, this will just make them 10 years older! and when your old and ugly, you think he will come back? NO! or will you find another one? a double NOoooo… huh! they will all run away from you hahaha. 🙂

Remember,” Smile and the world will smile at you, cry and you will cry alone”

so, ladies keep on smiling ….Cheers! ^-^

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