All in favour of spring say “hello”

At this time of the year, we all pretended we experienced spring in Jeddah  🙂   We’re supposed to see the flower festival in Yanbu but ended up north of Jeddah to eat grilled fish! Why? Because someone doesn’t want to drive that far!

Anyhow, instead of seeing flowers we see food (we ate SEAfood), it rhymes! HELLO!

And so my spring project started because of frustration. I started to learn how to do one stroke painting of a rose. Every time I tried, it didn’t look like a rose but certainly it looks like a flower to me and to my friends 🙂

a close up view



and my project has begun 🙂

A white top in which you can wear it according to your fashion sense 🙂 beautybeyondfifty can’t agree more (rolling my eyes up high! )





I love flowers and I love spring season, unfortunately there’s not much to see in here, so let’s just imagine 🙂



white top : Zara  (frilled cut out shirt)

How to wear Spring’s colorful trend when you are 50 and beyond?

I have a conference to attend in less than two weeks…you bet I’m in a shopping mood! But how can I wear all those colorful dresses? Lemon Zest yellow, emerald green, Monaco blue,nectarine orange? Shall I stay with white and black stripes?… What?… no problem? Come on, I am fifty-three years old! 🙁

It seems that fashion industry forgot that there are women beyond fifties who are still working and loving every shopping moment. I have suffered enough to choose my jeans, those dreadful lowest hipsters where I hold my breath so as not to show my bulging tummy 🙂  Oh well, let us be brave ladies!

My fashion mind says, YES you can! all you have to do is choose the color that will match your skin tone. After all women today are more flexible, more resilient and yes! we will survive the trend. Isn’t it enough to say “no”to every dinner invitation because you wanted to have those jeans? Life is too short to say “no”, enjoy every moment, enjoy every fashion, you will never know what you gonna wear when your six feet below the ground.

Well, let me show you what color I choose this spring time:

White trouser looks better, dont you think?
White trouser looks better, dont you think?


 1) Choose colors that match your skin tone.

2) Mix and match, gone are the days when you have the same colors from head to foot.

3) If you can’t find the right color of dress, accessorize with bright colors.

4) Conquer your fear of color, be trendy who cares if your fifty and beyond, just add your “POISE”!

loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top
loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top

So ladies, Let’s go…shoppingggg!!!

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