the art of doing nothing

“The trouble with doing nothing is that you never know when you are finished” For sure, a day in your life, you swear ahhhh what a day!, I just wished I’m doin nothing! time is too short for all the things you wanted to do. to accomplished for that matter.

I, for one had complained i am working 24/7. I wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast while the laundry machine is working, drinking coffee, talking to the phone asking who are my patients for the day..after cleaning the dishes and some part of the house, checking what to cook for lunch..then hit the shower, clean the BT then off to work.check the staff, see the patients then go back to home, cook lunch back to work check staff ( stress-stressssss) smile-smile see patients then back home, hang the clothes, see the kids, check groceries etc hit the bed think ..think..think..OFF? nahhh that’s not in my vocab! got to see friends, try sports for my kids to have fun, do cleaning again, read dental update, do groceries.. check budget ..think..think…see what i mean 24/7. 

Now that I am alone, I got plenty of things in my mind..SHOPPING ( i did it..but got bored at the sizes, no styles,no colors,too expensive) GYM ( still enjoying for an hour thrice a week) SALON ( still can’t decide, what i gonna do ,my hair? my eyebrow?) COOKING ( yippeee! anything will do, i am on diet! ) READ ( i just flip some pages of “iron cage”..not in the mood yet) CLEAN ( whattt? i thought i decided doin nothing..well i did kevins room..di makatiis) OFF ( oh yahh! i’m in bed, trying to sleep but can’t, waiting for the time, i will see my friends this afternoon, for the meantime, watching movie..drinking juice,hmmm what else? play music? read? close my eyes? open my eyes? look up the e-mail.FB..

What else to do in JEDDAH ?????it’s so hot! this is the real place to do nothing..nothing..ohhh nothing..
so be careful to what you wished for!
When its never know what to do next lol!

note: this is one of the days that i was alone( no kids,no husband).

Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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