“Cook your own soup”

“Learning is like rowing upstream and not to advance is to drop back”. Today, is the day that I learned to laugh at my funny line or smile line. As a Cosmetic dentist, I specializes in smile –make- over…I am focused on the line angles, shape, shade, length and position of the teeth as it relates to the whole appearance of the face.

Come on, grab a mirror and let’s examine your aging teeth. Ouch! You will notice that your teeth are now darker than you were in High School. Next, grab a ruler and measure your upper lips from the tip of your nose to the edges of your lip, longer than 22mm? The upper lip gets longer concealing the upper teeth. Normally, when you talk, 2mm of the upper front teeth should show. It’s either your teeth becomes shorter (functional wear and tear or traumatic as you grind your teeth when your under stress) or your lip gets longer. Your bite might also get deeper than usual; the corner of your mouth droop downs and creates a line from the corner of your lips down to the jaw line (marionette line). Now, give me a good smile, wide smile, please! Yes! The edges of your upper teeth should follow the vermillion border of the lower lips (line between the edges of the lips (red lips) and the adjacent normal skin).Your two front teeth should touch lightly on the wet lip. Probably, you have missing teeth, gum problem, chipped or crack tooth. Oh dear! Don’t panic…take a deep breath… 

As technology advances, the field of dentistry advances to a more wider, refined art and science. We can restore your teeth even better than how it was before and still looks natural. It will give you more youthful smile and better speech but we cannot control the natural aging process of your mouth. Your lips will continue to grow longer, marionette line will be more visible, and nasolabial fold (lines from the corner of the mouth to corner of the nose) will be deeper as you have more candles to blow.
Again, take a deep breath… Don’t worry; we have solution for that “Dermal Filler and Botox”. Using dermal fillers in conjunction with Botox can provide the best results when it comes to age reversal. You might be asking yourself…in a Dental Clinic? Why not? I have seen a lot of my patients who did Botox and filler at beauty salon. They have pouty lips but if it’s not complemented with a good set of teeth, it flouts the art of smile. Complete smile is the centerpiece of facial esthetics. Dentist has much expertise in the Oral- maxilla facial areas. We are trained in the muscles of mastication and muscles of facial expression and we routinely give anesthesia intra-orally. There’s no doubt that in the right pair of hands and with an eye for esthetics/artistry and the proper training, it will significantly expands the treatment choices that we can offer to our patients.

Making your own soup…is better than buying an instant soup…You can definitely enhance the flavor according to your taste…I will discuss the procedures, indication and contraindication on my next journal…

For the meantime…Single ladies…Continue to have well balanced diet and exercise… SMILE!

Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of beauty..my own perception in and out. www.jamilamimi.com

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