Who cleans the house?

If you want the job done in good taste( ie: your way) you have to do it yourself.

I am not OCD but i like to clean my own house.Did you ever try to look for your keys and can’t find it, because someone has clean up the drawers and put it in another place? Did your husband voluntarily cooked lunch and found your kitchen frenzy and ready to blow up? 

When my children were still young, I am one of those lucky moms that have helper at home.Each day I returned to a neat and straightened house, with clean clothes and an organized pantry.Though, it didn’t last long..but i did had the chance to be “Madame”. lol!

gone are the days..I mean the years! Having the comfort of stay in helper in lieu of having a comfort in terms of monetary gains!You know what i mean? heck, let alone the clutters, i want to buy a new shoes!
But is it really comforting? Let alone being a single parent like me, i needed a quality time for my sons and for myself too!

but looking at the big picture..having no helper at home..gives us more space..more learning..My youngest son is now an expert in dish washing (though he alway leaves the pots and kettle to his eldest bro, his ways of “sharing”),he cooks rice very well, rice with tuna, rice with beef and edge is an expert in pasta! They both clean (ie: their way) their own room.

One day, I got text message..”mom, my shirt turn red!” (i have smile on my lips, can’t help it) yes! never mind the shirt, i used this as a moment of learning..a moment of truth! that one day, mom will not always be there, you have to learn..

Seriously, Is it mom’s duty to clean?What about dad? If women can provide and do multi tasking, why not dad?

Who cleans the house? would it be appropriate to say? who wears the pants? Both! It’s a matter of communication, organization and coordination.

worst scenario: If nobody wants to clean..be it..Enjoy make yourself comfy!

“Housework is something you do that nobody notices, until you don’t do it.”

Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of beauty..my own perception in and out. www.jamilamimi.com

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