to be or not to be…housewife or career woman?

As I get out from my office to clinic room, I met my old-time patient with his wife and twin daughters., already grown up and had just recently finished her medical training in USA. I started the conversation:

Me: Congratulations! so whats next? marriage?

Father/mother: oh! she gained a lot of weight, she has to lose weight first.. then find the right man.,marry and have baby then gained weight! ha ha ha ha

Me: Lol! are you gonna work after marriage?

Mother: She has to work..I am an engineer but i became a full time stay at home mom, so boring..not good, I am dependent to what my husband says.

Me: why do you regret? look at your daughter, she is now a medical doctor..the twin is a special child being at home, you took care of them.

Mother: Oh! I am tired..i dont have my own money, i have to beg for money (which the father resisted, as I see his eyes and face turned red)

Father: don’t say that, i provided everything, you have a nice house, a car, a helper and you can buy anything you want

Mother: but you have to check and ask questions a lot!

Me: If i will be given another chance, another life, i would rather be a stay at home mom than a  career woman. All eyes on me whoaaaa!

Well, let me explain..its always greener at the other end as they claimed but there’s a big difference between a PLAIN housewife (who does everything from cleaning the house, to ironing, washing and taking care of the children and the husband) to stay-at home wife (who has helper and a nanny, all she has to do is to supervise them, help the children in their studies and take care of the family) to career woman (who use her education to fulfill what she wants to become and yet still have time to take care of the children and the family) to a full-time career woman (who earns a living to survive and yet still take care of the family)

So you see what I mean? I am traditional but progressive in a way, I like to work but i also want my husband to provide for everything. If I will be given a choice once more (which is ridiculous to ask..i’m stuck and retiring) I rather have my own clinic.., work for 4 hrs and take care of the children, let the helper do the household chores and let me take care of my children, guide them in their studies, have fun  and spend time with my husband. I don’ t want to be a career woman and still comes home and take care of the household chores.

ahhh..oppps..pinch me!  i am reality..i am fifty two years old, still working, professionally successful, earning a living , house cleaner, cook, errand girl,in short a “domestic diva”!

Ladies, if you only knew, I’ll take your shoes but of course you will never understand because for sure you wanted to be on my shoes too!

To be or not to be..the answer is…..

Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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