Magic remote control..anyone?

Magic wand is a thing of the past, wizard, witch, is a reality.. but we do sometimes wished that we have a magic wand that we can just whisked and boom! life is different.

Yes, a remote control on the 21st century but i rather have both , a magic remote control that i can push rewind and fast forward the scenes in my life that i like most , the life that i like to play.:-)

Certainly, i like to rewind my teens year, how easy life has been, eat and study, sings and dance,hate and love. I like to rewind the first dance, the first kiss, the first date and everything that is “FIRST”in our life.

People remembers the” first” we always forget the “last”. When was the last time you talk to each other pleasantly without a fight? When is the last time you hold hands and spend the rest of the day just feeling complete? There are more “last” than” first” if you really think about it.

I like to rewind when my kids were still a baby, learning how to crawl, talk, walk discover simple things  that makes them smile and make your day bright! the little things the toddler do ..that you want them to “freeze” and be that way forever.

though often time you also wanted to lower the volume when they cry and whine, but increases it every time they sings  a note or recite a poem, no matter how short or wobbly it was.

I like to rewind a lot of things when everything are easily said and done, that no one dares to complain but follows.

Now, that I am fifty-two , i like to fast forward when both of my sons have stable job and a family of their own, happy , enjoying the journey of life. I like to fast forward when you can just sit back, have a cup of tea, watching little footstep at the door, running.. racing towards you and  shouting  “lola” with flowers in their hand and says “this is for you, love you lola”.

puff! swoosh! boom!I just wish life is that simple push button and play..rewind and forward, freeze and slow, enjoy!

but no, we don’t need a wand or magic remote control in our life. God created us with our brain on top so we can think above all circumstances..our feet below so we can stand firmly.., imagine if it was reverse, we walk upside down, life would be more complicated.:(

Remarkable thing, is we have a choice everyday. The attitude that we choose will determine the make or break of our day. We can not change our past, we cannot change the fact that people will act in certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can is play on the one string we have and that’s attitude.

” I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it” Charles R. Swindell.

I believe its true, we are in charge of our attitude…of our choices in life… procrastination is not a choice, it is the thief of time. So, if someone is holding the remote control of your life..BREAK IT! is YOU who is responsible to your well-being, YOU are responsible of your failure and success..

No ONE even the magic!

Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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