Age 59: LIPS… understanding aging process for beauties beyond fifty(aka older women)

Do you notice anything about your smile?

Does your teeth shows when you smile?

Is your lips getting thinner?

Come on! Look at the mirror and examine your lips, was it the same when you were in your early twenties?


Well, When I was a teenager ,way back.. 🙂 hahaha make a calculation and you will know what year..I used to think my lips were big and thick! I am conscious about my teeth as well, it’s protruded and big. I did Orthodontic treatment, extracted four teeth to minimize protrusion of my lips and now that I am fifty and beyond, I find my lips thinner and my teeth doesn’t show as much as it was !

beauty smile
Feeling young at 52

Yep, as we grow older, our upper lips become thinner and lower lips increases a bit in thickness. The main reason why lips become thinner and loses its natural volume is because of collagen depletion.

Throughout aging, the face becomes flatter and the nose gains more prominence, resulting in a longer upper lip which explains why, sometimes in older women, upper front teeth cannot be seen during smiling.

Try to look at the mirror again and say the word “emma” without closing your lips, just in a relax position, can you see your two front teeth? Young people have at least 2mm of it showing but for adult, sometimes, the two front teeth can not be seen at all. Well, it’s not only the problem of upper lips getting longer ,it is also the wear and tear of the teeth. Sometimes, the teeth itself got shorter because of attrition.

What treatment options do we have?

  • some women, choose to plump their upper lips, but at times they also over do it, resulting to a pronounced pout lips which at times too artificial (my opinion). Restylane is an example of filler used to increase volume and define the vermillion border of the lips.
  • lip implants – I would not even consider this treatment
  • fat injections – another treatment I will not consider

Well, for me, I would rather enhanced the shape of my teeth like doing veneer or laminates or bleaching and a good technique in lipstick application.

at age 59, i use different shades of lipstick and lip pencil

Lipstick application for older women:


  • apply moisturizer or in my case I use vaseline every night to prevent chapping and maintain the natural color of my lips
  • embrace pink shade of lipstick, though my mom at age 91, she still use red lipstick. I think pink for lighter skin and red for darker skin. I also think it should be at least two degrees darker than natural color of your lips.
  • line your lips with pencil and accentuate the cuspid’s bow with a darker colorlips2
  • finish with light gloss to have more youthful look 🙂

Is there any difference between branded lipstick and lipstick I got from pharmacy?

My opinion?




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Casa Santa at Jardin de Miramar

Would you like to see Santa on Summer time?

Me: I wish!


Well, there’s a place in Antipolo City, Philippines called CASA SANTA – a museum of  3,700 Santa’s collected around the world and it is open all year round. There’s a minimum of 5 persons to open the place and each has to pay 180 Php or if you are willing to pay 900 Php even your group is less than five, they will still open it for you. And if you opted just to hang around the place, its free! Garden de Miramar is a three hectare garden event venue.

I took advantage of the “mom’s day” no one was able to say no 🙂





hey santa ! the door is open 🙂

You can find the smallest to biggest Santa in this place, impressive! You can also see his bedroom, dining room and even his bathroom  🙂 Though I must say that the place is dusty and creepy, it should be more festive. Maybe on Christmas, it is a different scenario.(hope so! )

Ladies… months to go..

Location: 276 San Jose Ext. Bgy. San Isidro Antipolo City
Telephone No.: 584-3199



Age 57: Mom shaming

Have you read recently the blog of Maggie Wilson about”mom shaming?” She is on point! Who are you to judge a mom according to what she wears? Can you tell a good mom from just looking at her? SHAME ON YOU!

From jumper to skirt : If I wear the skirt with my abs showing, will I be less as a mom? If I wear it as a jumper, will I be like trying hard?


I know there are appropriate dresses or attire in a particular occasions. Are there appropriate dresses on a particular age group? Like when you are already a “mom” you can’t wear shorts short? When you are in your fifties or beyond you can’t wear this and that? Who said what, who and why?

Are you dressing to please other people? Or are you dressing to please yourself?

Everyone has different style, different reasons ,different moods and its personal choice not yours to decide!

If you wear jeans like teens, does it makes me a bad or good mom? Does everyone knew what I have been through? Does everyone knew that I have raised two young professionals son who are well-respected in their own chosen field?

Do you know what mom went through in order to raised her children? Is she going to be judge by one occasion? by one dress?

If I post my daily beauty routines, will I be judge like I don’t take care of my children?

What is mom shaming? to my knowledge, mom shaming is like a disease that is contagious and communicable at the same time! a mom having negative feedback to another mom who doesn’t have the same belief as hers.

Seriously, are you perfect?

I believe mom who hurt other mom has some issues to herself. She throws her negative thoughts to other mom because she is envious of what other mom has accomplished. She is envious because she can’t do what other mom can do. Or simply, She loves to gossip because she has all the time, she is free for dilly dallying and bashed other moms.

Ladies, why don’t we just support each other. Let us inspires each other, as what Maggie put it, I hope this post lights a spark.





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Weekly Photo Challenge : Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

What subject I keep on coming back? Flowers! any kind of flowers, this is my favourite subject wherever I go or even I am not going always fascinate me the colours it gives.


flower for your dream
flower for your dream



My funny lady rocking @55..What is her secret of looking young?


My best friend Malou just turned 55 and she is still full of energy. What is the secret?According to her, just enjoy life and let the problem take care of itself, oh well that was not exactly her words but if you are with her, positivity is electrifying.

looking great at 55
looking great at 55

I guess, it is how you deal with your problem that counts. I don’t know anyone who has no problem in life but we all have different style of looking at it and perhaps a different way of taking it in.But for sure, I know the words that makes her smile often…that makes her feel young and certainly looks younger than her age.

” you’re beautiful ”

” I miss you ”

” I love you ”

” The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate and who she becomes “- unknown quote

malou @55 and me @54 enjoying beauty beyond fifty!
malou @55 and me @54 enjoying beauty beyond fifty!

Alright my friend,my only wish for you is GOOD HEALTH, I heard you are resting as in ” flat on bed” because of 2 days partying 🙂


Mirror…mirror on the wall will I look like her at 86?

How do you know if your beautiful bride will be as gorgeous when she hit fifty  and beyond?

Oh well, look at the mother..most likely she will be like her!

yes, most likely…meaning you also have to take care of yourself don’t depend on genetic. My mom was so skinny when she was in her single days and grew bigger when she had her babies (7 children – 2 yrs apart), I used to say to myself, oh my! I’ll be like her when I have my own children. No way! but then she started to lose weight and manage to stay slim until now. She still have that smile, I guess that’s how my papa got attracted to her. Well, I’m keeping my hopes high to look like her 🙂

Aside from physically gorgeous, she also has sense of humour, I love to listen to her stories and she still cooks delicious meal at age 86.

my papa at age 90

A lot of people said, I look more like my papa (90 yrs.old)

Hmmm, maybe? or a combination of both?

Oh my dear mama, if I have a magic mirror, I will ask:

Mirror…mirror on the wall will I look like her when I am 86?

Mirror…mirror on the wall I don’t need your answer but I want you to give her

the best of health and an everlasting happiness!



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Age 53: How to look modestly young (10 beauty tips)

My patient yesterday asked: how i maintained my “young looks”  having reached my golden years three years ago. Honestly, I don’t have any secret at all when it comes to beauty tips, I guess I am lucky to have good genes. 🙂

However,let me share some of the things I used when I hit fifty and I wished I did it ten years ago (would have been better) and some of the activities I do and beliefs I can share which I think help me through my fifties and beyond.

1) sunblock

I prefer to use tinted sunblock because I don’t have to use foundation.


2) mask

to avoid Botox/filler injection, I used “meso-mask”, once a week for three months and once every two weeks for another three months, together with ‘Meso C” for another month. This is my brand and I don’t endorsed it to everyone, Each individual has preference and different kind of sensitivities, please consult your doctor before using it.


3) Eye cream and concealer

I have used eye glass since college years, so I took care of my eye bag even before I hit fifty. I have assisted in Blepharoplasty and I think I wont submit myself to that kind of surgery.


4) Diet – plenty of fruits and vegetable surely helps and regular exercise too.

I go to gym three times a week and walk once a week. When I am hungry, I usually choose fruits or carrots as substitute for chocolates and chips. I do have a “cheat day” once a week so i don’t deprive myself eating ice cream, chocolates and red meat.

5) Changing hair colour.

Experiment which colour of the hair that suits you best.


6) Eyeglass

I can’t use contact lens, so I have to use an eyeglass that suits the shape of my face, I think a shade of red when your face is a bit fair will do some trick, instead of using the traditional black.


7) SMILE – the cheapest !

please read my blog  (june 21, 2011) on “Power of Smile” under the category of ‘Beauty and fashion”.

8) Camera 360

It’s a good app to motivate myself, If I look good, I feel good and it change my mood for the day.



9) stress buster

I like photography but there’s some restrictions in the Kingdom so I used my coffee to paint. Look for something to do that you are passionate about. You can even experiment different style of make up or dress up even though you are just at home. My day always starts… looking at the mirror and give myself smile, believing today is one of the best day!

coffee art
coffee art

10) Friends

I keep trusted friends with utmost positive outlook in life, even in moment of hardships, we manage to look at the mishap in a funny way.

There you go ladies, beautybeyondfifty beauty tips,… have a nice day 🙂

behind the scenes…the KISS principle

Have you ever wonder what the big fuss behind the scenes?

Make-up! I am not a big fan of putting make up neither I am an expert on that nor did I go to school to learn how to do it. I can place a veneer on one tooth for thirty minutes and Walla!


make up I used for pictorial

To apply makeup and look good in the picture is took me an hour for a simple make up. I always follow the KISS (keep it super simple) principles. Especially with ladies beyond fifty, a simple dark brown eye liner, mascara and a touch of lipstick will do in most of the regular days. Evening affair, i prefer to have a little boldness, a darker eye shadow and black eyeliner, mascara and a red lips. I like people to see their enhanced beauty not the make up.

Accessories…yes! To find earrings, necklace etc. that will go with the dress is also time-consuming, unless you have a bunch in your drawers to select with, otherwise improvise is the key! Mix and match will do! A simple top shirt with a little of scarf will do a trick.

Shoes yes! shoes will do great even though your pictorial is only half body, it will position your shoulder and straighten your back.

The interview is always fun! It’s interesting to note, ladies beyond fifty still discovering things for themselves, simple questions that sometimes you are surprise how to answer it because you haven’t thought about it yet. Sometimes you learn from the questions itself rather than the answer.Try to ask yourself  too, in this way, you will appreciate the beauty within, discover how you act and will react in certain questions.

The photo shoots…i love it! the pose, the glamour, the experience of being a part of art photography, how the lighting affects the outcome of the photos is interesting! It may seem simple but the “it’ factor is undeniable. To me, photography is an art of observation, anyone can take photos but the art of doing it, the art of  taking the angle and the outcome will speaks for itself.

I am always trilled to learn something new, this keeps me going and keep my age behind. ha ha ha its like “catch me if you can!”

Believe it or not, this is taking my stress out, I am doing something that both of my sons and their friends are enjoying too (hope so:-), keeping my fingers crossed). I also enjoy the company and the art of practicing make over  he he he its make up over not smile make over.

oh well! I am on my third interview, got to make an appointment for pictorial.

Do visit this site soon!

Remember..KISS… (keep it super simple)

What you see is what you got! LyNne C. Villanueva

Sexy mom-Lynne C. Villanueva

Transparency is the distinctive qualities you will find with sexy mom LYNNE, born august 27, 1958 from Taal, Batangas. Married for thirty-five years to Rolly (Govs ) Villanueva and blessed with five children. At sweet sixteen she eloped with her hubby who is nine years older. A typical story of mom send a daughter to buy suka (vinegar), along the way was lost, night fell, terrified to come home and her prince charming came to rescue her and live happily ever after. Bow! woot…woot..

But that was only the beginning of a love story that surpasses the time…She was only eighteen when she had her first baby girl born, no wonder Lynne still looks like an elder sister to her only daughter who is equally stunning in beauty. Three children were born in Philippines and two in Jeddah.

How was it, being married at an early age?

FREEDOM! I came from a very conservative family, imagine those days when you are all guarded. (home-school-church-home) Being married is my ticket to freedom; Rolly was twenty-five then, intelligent and responsible man. I have difficulties but because I have a lot of family support, they made it a bit easy for me.

What about school? Did you go to college?

Yes, I am a graduate of BS mathematics (UE), in between my pregnancy, I tried to focus, a lot of struggles but I was determine to graduate and I did it.

Well done! There’s no regret then?

Oh no! I just wished I married later (of course with the same man) I really wanted to be a Lawyer,but with five children? I cannot.

In what year did you come to Jeddah?

I started visiting Jeddah from 1984 to 1986 and we decided to stay on from 1988 until the present.

lovely @53

What is the best thing in Jeddah?

Family bonding! We have plenty of time to be together.

You live in a nice compound (Arabian homes) did you work?

Yes, I only work in the morning (4hrs.) but it’s been one and half-year now that I am not working.

Do you feel bored? What is your past time? Majhong? Tong-its? Ha ha ha ha ha

My day is not enough, I have insomnia, I watched TV and fell asleep. When I woke up, I clean, cook, wash, have time with the family, I need more than twenty-four hours.

How do you describe yourself?

I am what I am; its either I am happy or sad and angry. What you see is what you got. I am not the kind of person who will make the first move to be your friend… Taray! (Snub)

What is the saddest thing that ever happened?

When my son died seven years ago I still didn’t recover. Until now I still feel his absence.

What do you do to relieve your sadness?

I am just quiet, I have only two emotions, either I am happy or sad.

I felt her mood was changing so I shifted the conversation to a more lovely question.

How do you manage to stay as thin and sexy as you are? Any beauty secrets?

Nothing really, I am contented of what I have, of what I am. The only routine I always do is fifteen minutes exercise every morning.

What are the things that changed when you turned fifty?,

I think its how I dress up. I felt I am more conservative now .

(again◊, Mr Nabil is present during the interview and this is his comment: well, when you reached fifty and beyond, your body had undergone a lot of changes, you are more exposed to the sun, your skin become darker and wrinkled, you put on weight, that’s why a lot of women beyond fifty changed their style to cover things that they are shy to show) do you agree?

Oh well, maybe..what about madame Malou? She is still the same?? No change, she is even more daring!

.:-) and Lynn has a nice body at age 53, she doesn’t have to hide anything…correct!

How about in marriage?  You are a very young bride and yet you manage to keep your marriage, is it you or Rolly that keeps the marriage going?

I think its our partnership that works, he is a good provider, when it comes to home, I am the “boss”, I make the decision but every decision i made, I always informed him..Honesty is the best policy..that is my principle in life.

Do yo inform him before or after?

Of course before and after! I think to have a good communication is one of the important aspect in marriage. Specially when it comes to financial matter because he is the only one working, its hard-earned money but most of the time, he really doesn’t mind, I just informed him of my decision. (oh well! it seems, the final say is with Lynne; peace govs! lol)

What are you looking forward beyond fifty?

Photos by Edge: assisted by Kevs S/Kevs V:make up by mmSuarez

to age gracefully! and continue to dress up properly, I can not leave the house without dressing up even with abaya, I still have to dress up. People look at you the way you dress.

even at night? in going to bed?

Yes! always at your best, dress should  always be proper to where you are.

that’s a good tips ladies! To age gracefully… dress appropriately..

ok pack up,,shooting done lets eat! what??? the dish is empty? bake macaroni disappear! hmmm for sure Master Edge and his assistant Kk with the help of Walid dished it out!

What you bake is what they ate ha ha ha ha thanks for the bake macaroni Lynne..super yummy!

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My FuNnY LADY: Malou Aricheta Alji

♥Born 1958 from Cagayan is my Lady number one♥♥♥.

malou alji

When I asked malou for an interview and photo shoot, without a blink of an eye she said YES!
That’s the lady I knew fifteen years ago, no frills, self-confident, full of energy, very friendly (a sure landslide winner if she is in politics) her candid frankness will surely make the crowd or two burst into laughter. And yet at times, her friendliness gets her into trouble in which she just shrugs it off.
She is a registered nurse by profession and a “certified domestic diva” for many years now. She met her Lebanese husband Nabil while working at the same hospital. Married for twenty-one years and blessed with three children.

Her eldest son, Shady graduated recently – Industrial Engineering in UST, another boast of their blissful life. Hep! Hep! Hep! Hurray! Or should I write woot.. woot…!
As my dear photographer Edge and his assistants Kk (kev S and Kev V.) getting ready for the shoot, I took out nuts and ice cream for her lovable husband to keep him busy..yay! what I mean, be comfortable without “S”! ( S as in “sumpong” -tantrums) in fairness, he is very supportive to her and to me:-)


In one word can you describe yourself?
FUNNY…young at heart

Is that your secret of being youthful?
Yey! I visualized myself outside, I like to smile, I feel I must be desirable in and out. (if you know her, you will know her eyes are twinkling side view ,fingers swinging, hips swaying)
Are you scared of aging?
Of course! Aging for me is like…as if the earth will stand you ended your fruitful life.

( ha ha ha bulok na!..rotten!)

what advise can you give to ladies like your age?

– Remove stress! If there’s a problem take it easy..Smile and the world will smile at you..cry and you will cry alone..

How do you relieve stress?

Singing, dancing, exercise, chatting

what is your philosophy in life?


– stand firm and always fight for your right! (at this time, Nabil is getting too attentive to the topic and wants to interject his opinion, we allow him at sometime but this is ladies talk..sorry guys!)

What is the best thing that happened to your life?

– when i got married , a new life had begun and I continued to evolve, continued to dream

How is it being married to a foreigner?

– difficult because we came from different culture, since I came to Jeddah as single and had enjoyed my life, I came to balance things. The first thing I learned when I got married is to cook . My husband said, If you don’t know how to cook, how can you feed your child? (I agree)

( Oh yeah! l love wara e’nab and molokeyyah)

Did you plan to marry foreigner?

– No! i have so many BF (boy friends and admirers etc) and I am proud of it, they are the trophies of my Ego. (Nabil smiling, i guess he is proud that malou choose him among her many admirers)

You only have one daughter, will you allow her to marry a foreigner? what advise would you give her in terms of  relationship?

– she can marry the man she likes but I wish that she can find a man who will truly love her more than she loves him. And to have a career of her own.

Why? Have you wish you didn’t stop working?

– Yes, I like to be a working mother, to have a career but I am thankful of everything, I have very supportive husband, three good children, I am thanking God everyday!

What do you want to be remembered? your legacy?

– I want them to remember that I help a lot of people getting their diploma, an education, a gift that no one can take away from them.

To end, What advise can you  give to Ladies beyond fifty?

– Acceptance! whatever decision you made in the past, don’t regret..move forward for life is too short, make the most of it ..Enjoy!

Yes! bon appetit..nuts and ice cream all gone… additional kilo..who cares? We love it!!!!

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