Mirror…mirror on the wall will I look like her at 86?

How do you know if your beautiful bride will be as gorgeous when she hit fifty  and beyond?

Oh well, look at the mother..most likely she will be like her!

yes, most likely…meaning you also have to take care of yourself don’t depend on genetic. My mom was so skinny when she was in her single days and grew bigger when she had her babies (7 children – 2 yrs apart), I used to say to myself, oh my! I’ll be like her when I have my own children. No way! but then she started to lose weight and manage to stay slim until now. She still have that smile, I guess that’s how my papa got attracted to her. Well, I’m keeping my hopes high to look like her 🙂

Aside from physically gorgeous, she also has sense of humour, I love to listen to her stories and she still cooks delicious meal at age 86.

my papa at age 90

A lot of people said, I look more like my papa (90 yrs.old)

Hmmm, maybe? or a combination of both?

Oh my dear mama, if I have a magic mirror, I will ask:

Mirror…mirror on the wall will I look like her when I am 86?

Mirror…mirror on the wall I don’t need your answer but I want you to give her

the best of health and an everlasting happiness!



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