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Age 59: LIPS… understanding aging process for beauties beyond fifty(aka older women)

Do you notice anything about your smile? Does your teeth shows when you smile? Is your lips getting thinner? Come on! Look at the mirror and examine your lips, was it the same when you were in your early twenties? NOPE! Well, When I was a teenager ,way back.. 🙂 hahaha make a calculation and

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Age 57: Mom shaming

Have you read recently the blog of Maggie Wilson about”mom shaming?” She is on point! Who are you to judge a mom according to what she wears? Can you tell a good mom from just looking at her? SHAME ON YOU!   I know there are appropriate dresses or attire in a particular occasions. Are

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Moms day with bff!

Do you wish it’s always a mom’s day? I do 🙂 Why it’s only once a year? I’m lucky that I celebrated twice ! Last month was mother’s day in Jeddah and this month is for Philippines mother ‘s day. Actually, we can always celebrate any day we wish! Speaking for myself, I always appreciate

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Weekly photo challenge: vibrant

Bloom and keep growing even you are fifty and beyond.. Photographer: Edge M.Suarez Location: Santa Monica, California USA Photos were taken last October 2015 on my 56th birthday, I got a surprise flowers and cupcake from my two sons.Sweet! <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/vibrant/”>Vibrant</a> Cheers, jamilamimi    

My mom rocks but she loves Chowking!

Working outside the Philippines has a trade-off and one of those.. is seeing my parents only once a year. This year, I have time to bond with my mom (my dad had a mild stroke and can not travel anymore). A week before I went back to Jeddah, I asked my mom: Me: mama would you

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Flowers of Lucerne (Luzern) – for you

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844. Words have spoken …Let flowers speak for you on this special day let the world knows how happy and proud I am to be  your mother, friend and confidante. I wish you were with

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