You’re the only one!

for my one and only
for my one and only

I made this for you on your special day,

Red tulip for your red lips, i know you like red lips 🙂

If I am on your side, I’ll bake you strawberry cheesecake

Take you to shopping and chowking, I know you’ll ask for it 🙂

It’s been 55 years, I said all the things I love and wish for you…

At 87th I can’t think no more, only thank God for all the blessings

and may He give you more strength and years of healthy living…

I thank you for the endless love and care you’re giving to papa,

You are the best among the best!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…Happy Birthday ma!




Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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