Happy Women’s Day!

A teacher and political worker from Germany, Clara Zeitkin started up the first “International Women’s Day” in Copenhagen on March 8, 1911.  It was a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world, booming population growth, and the rise of radical ideologies. The primary purposes of the Women’s Day then were equal opportunity for women and men, including universal women’s suffrage.  Pro-peace activities during World War I called to an end to indiscriminate slaughter in the trenches.

Zeitkin called on men to stay home with the children while women were going to their first Women’s Day meetings. The tradition also sees men honoring their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc., with flowers and small gifts. IWD is now an official holiday in some countries, having a status equivalent to that of Mother’s Day: children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers. In 1975, the world celebrated International Women’s Year.

The Day continues to honor the early goals of equal opportunity–in all world cultures–and of putting an end to wars (only now the wars in focus are border atrocities, rape, and genocide in Africa, unrest in the Middle East, and revolution in the south Mediterranean countries).

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While The world celebrates IWD, I wonder if Saudi Arabia will marked its own celebration of equal opportunity for women. Would it just be a day of hope? hope that women can drive? hope that women can have equal position as that of men? hope that women will not be harassed, slaves at their own home and have its own voice and reasons to stand out among men?

Are we really looking for an equal rights ? equal opportunity? or are we just looking for an appreciation, a due respect in society of men and a freedom of one’s self?

For whatever the reason maybe, i would like to cheers to all the women of the world that stands out not only for what they believe in but for all the marked contributions and their remarkable success globally and locally.


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