Am I annoying?…let me count the ways

Lunch at 3:30pm with my two sons, one 16 yrs old and the other is 25 yrs. old, we were discussing about how children response to their mom at certain age. At 16, “mom is annoying” and at 25, ”mom you’re right”. my eldest son commented that my youngest always gets around (kayang kaya si mama) yay! really? oh well, beauty beyond fifty can’t remember all the conversation (again!) but are moms really annoying? am I annoying?


hmmmm let me count 🙂 my way!

What did you say?  What? (at increasing tone of low to high note)

well, I can’t hear properly, I think I have a problem with my ears, or my understanding of your English accent. Or maybe, I have worked so long in the dental machine that my hearing are already affected. Or maybe you’re eating your words (accent wise) or maybe I just could not relate or doesn’t get the analogy. In other words, just repeat…explain and presto! I will  understand.

Clean your room! (an order or rule)

It will probably take about an hour to clean a small room but it will take only seconds to mess it up again. everything is on the floor, glasses and plates on the table, dust everywhere.. to exaggerate..its like hurricane  had just passed! Would it be nice to have a clean, neat well-organized room? ahhh what a refreshing scene after a tiring day at work.

Did you do your homework? (frowning…smiling…low or high volume)

How many minutes to finish homework? fifteen…thirty…an hour? how many minutes in FB or social network or games? sure more than an hour or two or maybe more! You have a long day, mom have a long day…at the end of the is your homework, without homework grades suffers at the end, mom suffers too! got what i mean?

Prepare your bag! (a must do or rule)

Heavy bag full of books , i just can’t wait to drop and kick you at the corner, then again to check and prepare? OMG, let me just look at you for a while and stays there until the following day (I’m talking to myself with the bag) … no…no… preparing bag ahead of time is for you to check if you forgot something. After all, subjects the following day are different from today. Being ready and organized will surely make your life easy. Amen!

Did you do exercise? watch your diet, don’t eat too much! (repeated every time)

waaa! why can’t I be left alone? I’ll eat what I want, do exercise if I want…this is my body…I love the food, you can’t starve me to the rest of my life…I’m too young to die! of course, this is overstatement but if you think about it…having a balanced diet and exercise will lead to good physique and good mind which will equal to good health!

beautybeyondfifty loves to eat ice cream and chocolates and what’s the excuse? oh well, I spent two quarters of my life maintaining my figure (and brain) a little of indulgence wont hurt! 🙂 sounds familiar?

Oh no! you’re at the gym 2-3 times a week but haven’t lost any kilo, well at least I maintained it and besides, hormonal imbalance…ladies physiological changes from having the monthly period to pregnancy and to menopausal stage. right? blame it to the moon he he he he.

Writing in capital letters or using dot dot dot (….)

Your mom in FB? twitter, Skype, blog? cool…but wait… why is she writing in bold capital letters? Is she mad? She sounds like yelling (sound? what sound? I am not yelling, i am writing not talking) and whats the dot dot dot for (….) what? what do you mean?  ha ha ha ha here’s the WHAT again!(stop yelling)… dot…dot… stop!


Well, Ladies, what do you think? Am I annoying mom?

Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of own perception in and out.

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