A woman with a water jug :-/

a woman with a jug

I was looking for my cheque book to pay the house rent, I came across this old picture of mine taken in Kan Zaman Restaurant 1993 ,Amman, Jordan. It’s an old farm-house converted into classical arabic restaurant.

I wonder, why i was carrying a jug on my head? Tourist curiosity? ha ha ha

Well, I went into research hmmm…and found a famous painting by J. Vermeer, “a young woman with a water jug “or lets say a pitcher in her hand.http://www.terraingallery.org/Vermeer-Woman-Jug-JJ-RJ.htm

Vermeer’s Young woman with a water jug – and WHAT MEN AND WOMEN ARE HOPING FOR MARRIAGE by Julie and Robert Jensen.

Aesthetic realism shows that the questions of marriage are aesthetic questions, answered in art.

Though we felt we needed each other, we also resented each other, because too much we used our care for each other to put the rest of the world aside. In his 1964 lecture, The Furious Aesthetics of Marriage, Eli Siegel explains:

To marry a person has been, in the history of love and marriage, the finding of a shelter against the world as unpleasant….Love, in other words, can be a means of shelter from a unkind world,…or it can be a means of intensifying, affirming, extending, subtilizing a care for the world.

Vermeer’s purpose, as he looked at this woman, was to use her as a means of “intensifying, affirming, extending, subtilizing a care for the world.”

I am not sure, if you continued reading the article but let me do my realistic (aesthetic) interpretation of my picture, whether i am an artist or not.

I think every woman carries a water jug , the JUG represents the multifunction existence of a woman.Ladies can juggle task (multi tasking), work for longer hours and yet when she comes home every one expect her to bring home dinner! She is very delicate and soft but noticed her other hand on her waist, it resemble strength and balance but how long do you think she can carry the jug?

WATER represents the flow of life.Hmmm, I wonder whether it is cold or hot? Probably when she is mad , she carries hot water! 🙁  It is up to her to carry the weight or let someone carry it for her or look for someone to help her. She can carry it empty, half empty, half full or full.

 yey! What i am talking about?

Ladies, would you help me out?

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