Celebrating 56 at Bamboo Seafood Resto

Bamboo Seafood Restaurant

May 27, 2011, is my favorite brother’s b-day. We celebrated his 56th year in Bamboo seafood restaurant in Al Rawdah district Jeddah,KSA. We been passing in this area a thousand times, wondering what’s in this huge lobster building?I was not able to taste the lobster in Boston ,Ma., so i said this is it!

Lobster in Jeddah. whoah! the price is soaring high! probably,I may have indigestion at the end. So we discarded the idea!

great interior...refreshing too!

The place is cozy, the walls are decorated with bamboo, there’s privacy in each family , each partition  separated by real bamboo decor, though i was asking… a grape fruit on bamboo? hmmm, the sounds of water from the man-made waterfalls makes the place more refreshing, the waiters are polite and has smiling faces.

the staff at Bamboo

The foods are not bad, it taste good but the service is slow.

It might be because …its Friday, the place is packed with families.

Some tips… when they serve the appetizer make sure you order your main dish already and

when the main dish just serve, ask for your bill too 🙂 otherwise the waiting period is so long, unless you just want to hang around.

Oh well, it’s a great Friday with my sons, brothers,nephew and his wife.

Happy b-day Kel,


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