Saudi Arabia: Will the Saudi Women Drive on 17 June?

Saudi Arabia: Will the Saudi Women Drive on 17 June?.

My comment: would it be better to increase awareness on ” driving safely ” first rather argue who has the right to drive? a lot of reckless drivers out there that needs to be re-educated. Road would be safer regardless who and what genre is on wheels.

  1. Sandy, on June 7, 2011 at 8:34 am said:

    No. It would not be better. They are two separate issues. For decades they have not bothered to address either. All they need do is enforce the laws. I am still at risk as a passenger because of the dangerous driving.

  2. Sandy, good comment.
    Everybody always seems to forget that because women are not allowed to drive they are not on the roads. They are, only in the back of their car all alone with a foreign, often substandard novice driver male. I don’t see how that makes it safer for women.
    On the contrary, I would say it triples the risks.

    My response:

    Firstly, I am not against women driving, If this law will come into force certainly I will be the first one behind my new wheels but having said that, I will be very cautious about when is the right time.

    Women driving and driving safely is a separate issues? It should be interrelated, If they are not bothered to address the issue how can you be sure  of your safety on the roads?

    Women are always on the road, no one forgets that! “ Foreign, novice often substandard driver male” why hire them? or why not educate them? How many driving schools are there in Saudi Arabia? Are there any driving instructors who uses   English or other foreign language as a medium of instructions? why use foreign? What ever nationality or genre or age maybe, at the end of the day, one should drive safely!

    Without any doubt, women can drive safely as other men do! They take care of their children make them safe at all times, with an exception of course, for those who entirely dependent on their nanny, who will take the children to school then? the nannies or the mother? This will saves one’s pocket of hiring one against two” a driver nanny” .

    “Teach me how to drive, so I can protect myself” in Facebook,( the original page of Manal sharif was missing) ,I admire their courage to defy the law, to speak out and fight for their right. We support Responsibly…Equal Rights for both Men and Women.

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