Letting go…no drama …only chopstix

One of the delights of Life is eating with your love ones.Food is our common ground. and one of our favorites past time in Jeddah is to dine and talk. We pray, eat and talk. This is the time that we are all at rest, savoring tasty food, got into discussion not argument and enjoy!

My eldest son , Edge finally said goodbye to Jeddah. We spent his last day in Chopstix, a chinese restaurant in La terra mall,amir sultan road.

my love

At this time,”no diet” is out of our vocab

^-^, we just like to enjoy the moment that we’re together, sooner than I thought, Edge will be gone ,next year will be Kevs turn and I will be left all alone in this country. 🙁

But, we don’ like drama…we move on quickly, life is too short to stay gloomy, sooner or later will be together again. I wish for you, my love is to reach the vertex of success. Keep focus to reach your goal, we will be your backbone and if at times, it’s so hard, don’t forget to ask HIM for guidance and HE will lead you the way.

Remember no matter how thin the chopsticks,how difficult to use,it can still pick up food, the analogy, no matter how narrow the road you can still pass and reach your destination.




PS: if chopsticks doesn’t work,use spoon and fork (that’s ME and Kevs) and knife (that’s dad) 🙂

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