Born in Jeddah..What is your Native language?

Peace begins with a smile..
Peace begins with a smile..

I was talking to a friend last night about children who was born outside the Philippines with a Filipino parents and speaks fluent English but have difficulty in speaking our very own language “Tagalog”. He was very passionate discussing his views that our conversation lasted for three hours OMG! nosebleed 🙂

English or Tagalog

Why do you think mostly of Filipino children born outside the Philippines speak English more than Tagalog?

Why do we have to speak English at home? Why do we encourage them to speak English only at home and not our own Language? Isn’t it that they are learning English at school? With their friends?… after all, they live outside Philippines and the common Language is English!

Who is a better teacher in English, the teacher whose native Language is English? or the Filipino parents whose native Language is Tagalog? why not speak Tagalog at home? Don’t you think you are rubbing them off of the opportunity to be bilingual?

Universal Language

First of all, English is a universal Language, it is a common knowledge ..if children speak English fluently, they will have an edge to those who does not..they have a better opportunity to find a job and a better interaction to people around the world.

Guilty as Charged

I can only speak for myself, I am guilty as charged of not speaking Tagalog at home with my sons while they were growing up, not because we lost our patriotism or I didn’t think they are smart enough to be bilingual but because my priority for them is to speak English fluently… yes they learned English at school but practicing at home will also help.Thank goodness, they didn’t acquire my Filipino English accent! 🙂 not that it is wrong to acquire it but my philosophy is.. you have to learn it the right way!

For awhile, I have to agree that it was a struggle for my eldest son not to speak Tagalog fluently, he lost his own identity in his own birth place because he does not speak Tagalog but eventually he did learned the Language. It would have been better if I taught him myself,.. moving on…it was a blessing that he speaks both English and Tagalog and a bit of Arabic as well.

Native Language

My youngest son, was born in Jeddah obviously his first Language is English, should I say his native language is Tagalog?

What is native Language? a Language a child learned first at home versus a language learned later in life.

but because he was born to a Filipino parents, he also learned how to speak tagalog though not as fluent as he speaks English. He only goes home to Philippines once a year just for a short holiday and not totally emerged to the Filipino culture. He was born in Jeddah but did not acquired the Saudi culture instead he was exposed to a multi cultural environment which gave him the benefits of interacting/learning different culture which help him to be a well- rounded person, of not being judgemental of others belief, attitude and behaviour. I am so proud to say he is now multi lingual (English,Tagalog,Arabic,German, French) and holds a very high interpersonal and social skills which will lead him to better path in a near future.

I say his native Language and primary Language is bilingual, English and Tagalog.

He might not be as proficient or as fluent in Tagalog but he can understand and able to appropriately response back.

My verdict?

There is nothing wrong in speaking English at home as long as the child knows he can also speak and understand Tagalog. It is not about patriotism because English is widely used as a form of communication in and out of the country. It helps to identify you as a Filipino but it doesn’t defines who you are!

What is wrong then?..if you imposed or encouraged not to speak Tagalog at all!

” Learn English well and connect to the world. Learn Filipino well and connect to our country. ” – (Aquino 2010)

I rest my case 🙂 😉

Ladies, feed me up, I like to hear from you 🙂





Age 53 : From here to there, the chase never ends…

photoWho would have thought at fifty and beyond I still have dreams to chase?

Yes… I am a dreamer…a chaser of dreams… be of mine or my son’s dream.

When my youngest son’s decided to pursue his passion in Culinary in Switzerland, some of my friends raised their eyebrow to the tune of why???

Why in Switzerland? Why to spend a lot on just a Culinary course?

First of all, it is not a “just culinary course” it is a Bachelor’s degree, If he wants to be a chef..let it be, but I will support him to be the best of chef. His education and training in the best facilities and institution will surely give him an edge and a good foundation to begin with. I will give him that opportunity and the rest will follow.

Now, my eldest son wants to pursue his passion in photography, he already has a Bachelor’s degree in Multi Media (a hundred eyebrows raised) why??? he is officially enrolled in Santa Monica College in California, USA (another hundred eyebrows raised) why???

It’s all about love

I am not rich but I have profession that can support my son’s dream. I can buy my dream house and probably live like princess but I rather help build their future than build a big beautiful house. Education is the best lasting gift of love I can give to them.

During our years (not too long ago 🙂 ) we were taught: in order to succeed and be respected in society,we should pursue a degree like Engineering, nursing, medicine. Doing something you enjoyed or passionate about were not encourage or even discussed unless you were passionate about having MD or DMD at the end of your name.

A different approach

Thank goodness! Society had changed, colleges and universities offering more choices. Culinary and photography is now in demand courses. Money perhaps is one of the biggest factors that affects in choosing a career. But money will not give all the happiness if you are not passionate about your job. I am blessed to have chosen a career I am passionate about and at the same time, earned good money enough to send them to college.

Where to go from here

I am a registered Nurse, worked for a year but Dentistry is my passion…my dream. If my parents were not supportive, I wont be practicing Cosmetic Dentistry today. It wasn’t an easy journey, I have made a lot of bumps along the way but I was determined to follow my own map to reach my destination. Yes! a road map of where I want to be. It is like getting the entire tourist brochures, mapping out what I want to see, Where I want to go, calculating my time and money so I can enjoy the journey reach my destination and enjoy the place.

Don’t limit yourself, dream big

One day, I saw both of my sons mapping out the places they been to ( a lot of pins); who would not dream to see the world? I, too dream that one day, I will have the chance to see it all. Would it be great to make your own “map”of life? See where you are, decide where to go and pin your course? Don’t limit yourself; consider all areas of your life: relationships, financial, professional, physical and spiritual health.

” If you can’t dream or envision it, you probably won’t be able to have it.”

Try to envision your path, what kind of life are you heading at? What it feels like? What challenges? What do I want to experience? Dream a lot…dream big! The “what”would lead you to “why”and “how”will follow. Knowing the reasons why will lead you to better accomplish the “how”.

Giving them the opportunity to study abroad is my dream and we shared the same dream, then why to limit it? Their father’s dream is to have a business of his own and he did it! He wanted them to have a business of their own too, yes! why not? But they should have that dream too! Owning that dream will let them accomplish something on their own. What about when I got old or got sick? Who would take care of the rest? Honestly, I don’t think of that scenario because when I dream, positivism comes within.

” It’s my road map..Want it,dream it,live it! “

Never ending chase

I remember the old days, when my youngest son was in the toddler stage and the eldest was only ten yrs old (their father was out of the country,looking for a greener pasture) the elder one could barely carry the groceries bag and the younger one was running around, chasing other babies of his age. I have to hold his hand and my other hand is holding the rest of the groceries bag while keeping an eye to the elder one too. The days that I have to chase them while making pasta for dinner or running away from taking a bath, oh! I miss those days too! And when they turned to adolescent, I got to follow-up where they are, what time they are coming home, who are with them etc. And now that they are grown up and we are all in different part of the world, I go to chase them too, travelling to Europe and USA while working in the Middle East. Huh! come to think of it, my dream of seeing the world comes true!

So ladies, you can now put your eyebrows down, the chase is on… Dream big, take the challenge and hit it!


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Letting go…no drama …only chopstix

One of the delights of Life is eating with your love ones.Food is our common ground. and one of our favorites past time in Jeddah is to dine and talk. We pray, eat and talk. This is the time that we are all at rest, savoring tasty food, got into discussion not argument and enjoy!

My eldest son , Edge finally said goodbye to Jeddah. We spent his last day in Chopstix, a chinese restaurant in La terra mall,amir sultan road.

my love

At this time,”no diet” is out of our vocab

^-^, we just like to enjoy the moment that we’re together, sooner than I thought, Edge will be gone ,next year will be Kevs turn and I will be left all alone in this country. 🙁

But, we don’ like drama…we move on quickly, life is too short to stay gloomy, sooner or later will be together again. I wish for you, my love is to reach the vertex of success. Keep focus to reach your goal, we will be your backbone and if at times, it’s so hard, don’t forget to ask HIM for guidance and HE will lead you the way.

Remember no matter how thin the chopsticks,how difficult to use,it can still pick up food, the analogy, no matter how narrow the road you can still pass and reach your destination.




PS: if chopsticks doesn’t work,use spoon and fork (that’s ME and Kevs) and knife (that’s dad) 🙂

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