When Ruby becomes Thursday with friends…

Ruby Tuesday

It is always good to see old friends , not old beyond fifty, I mean friends that I haven’t seen for a while. We had late lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Thalia St. the ambiance is just perfect for us.

They have a lot of  good menu but we’re not interested actually of what are we going to eat, were just happy to see each other again, just us…, without a husband…though the 2kevs (my youngest and my friend’s son) tag along, they have their own table and world of their own (as usual).

We spent the afternoon, catching up of the past things and latest news that’s happening to our everyday’s life. Sophie is working in UK and comes back to Jeddah every six months to see her family and Jo and I are both  in Jeddah but she is busy with her kids and helping her husband to run their small business and me?I am busy with my world too (home-kids-clinic-home). Some of our friends are still on holiday, lucky them!

Friends makes your life better,especially  in this place, socialization is a key to make your day if not your week a pleasant experience.

Researchers are only now starting to pay attention to the importance of friendship and social networks in overall health. A 10-year Australian study found that older people with a large circle of friends were 22 percent less likely to die during the study period than those with fewer friends. A large 2007 study showed an increase of nearly 60 percent in the risk for obesityamong people whose friends gained weight. And last year, Harvard researchers reported that strong social ties could promote brain health as we age.

huh! research or no research, everyone knows how going out with friends relieves some of your stresses in life.

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staff at ruby tuesday
the manager
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