My Switzerland escapades: Bouveret to Brig (Day 5)

Here  we go again…From Bouveret to Brig, transferring to another platform to another train with our luggage, tsug, tsug, tsug, hahaha… that’s not the sound of the train, it’s the sound of our luggage going down the stairs:-(

Cesar Ritz Colleges of Switzerland (Brig Campus)

We’ re visiting the University center of Cesar Ritz Colleges of Switzerland. We were greeted by  two equally beautiful ladies (Ms. Jenai and Ms. Laure) thanks goodness! we don’t have to pull our luggages again going to Hotel du Pont.

At Lounge (Campus accommodation)

Brig is located close to the Swiss- Italian border but they refer it as the German side of the Campus.True, people speaks more of German than French though it’s about one and half train ride to Milan, Italy.

Hotel du Pont

It is a nice town nestled at the foot of the Alps. Hotel du Pont is in central town strategically located along the shopping stores, train station and different cafe restaurant. Pedestrian friendly place!

From the Bouveret campus, students transfer to University center to continue their Bachelor degree in International Business Management. Here, students, teachers and staff are all in Business suits. Though there is one charity day that they allow them to wear casual dress and pays 3/CHF . Students accommodation is like a deluxe Hotel complete with bar, cinema,storage, kitchen and Gym.Kevin also attended one class” Global Tourism” , everything was already thoroughly explained to him in Bouveret, our campus tour was brief but positive. We had sumptuous lunch and Kevin also joined them at Indian dinner, I wonder if he gonna trim down when he join them next year. 🙂

Fondue-melted cheese serve in communal pot over a spirit lamp, dipping bread using long-stemmed fork
Parfait mocca flambe - i call it as " flaming ice cream"

And of course we, will not leave Switzerland without tasting “Fondue” and parfait Mocca Flambe , had fine dine in at hotel du Pont. Great day!

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